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The OtherSiteTruth? Justice? Peace? Is a new initiative by Dr. Gabi Weber & Simon Köhl in Freiburg, South Germany.

It aims at providing a platform for open exchange of idea and discourse without censorship, mainly about topics related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Our aim is to encourage journalists, thinkers, writers, artists, musicians and activists to share their thoughts and  to narrate their own story.

It is our belief  that German society could benefit from receiving "true" information concerning Palestine and the Arab world from additional sources rather than the usual mainstream media.

Furthermore the aim is to collate and disseminate relevant articles from the alternative media about Middle Eastern topics namely human rights, which Dr. Weber started to deal with since the war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip in 2008-2009.

Moreover, we aspire to present the German-language readers with content written in German (which will be sorted in one section) and with relevant content translated into German from other languages. ( A section in English will be established).

Gradually, a database of articles will be collated and demonstrated on this website which will be conducive for in-depth research. In this way, we will enhance availability and accessibility to the reader.

The website is open to all and particularly to any valuable material, be it abstract information or critical analysis. Names of authors and or any other people assisting in the publication process may appear on the website, should they have no objection. The initiative would benefit from passionate individuals who are able to contribute, including writers, translators and editors etc.



"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

—  Henry Thoreau —



Dr. Gabi Weber

 … is a German physician, working full-time in an orthopedic rehabilitation hospital, having three Palestinian-German kids.

Due to her first-hand experience with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict she started her political activism in January 2009, during the war on Gaza. Gabi began to transmit news from alternative media, built a useful internet list and a network, corresponding with organisations, activists, scholars, schools and other groups all around the world.

In May 2010 she founded Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V. together with a friend. Cafe Palestine is a non-profit body organising lectures, talks, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and many other activities on a monthly basis. Topics are related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


Interview with Dr. Gabi Weber (in German)

Simon Köhl is a German hydrologist working for a software company. During his childhood he read a series of books dealing with the German history – such as "Mit dem Rücken zur Wand"  and "Die weiße Rose". This lead him to further investigate this particular period of German history. Over time and due to his engagement with the holocaust he developed special interest in Israel and the Palestinian cause

Since the Hydrological Institue of Freiburg University had a strong cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Simon was wondering about the other side and in particular Palestinian water issues. Finally he spent six months of internship at Birzeit University in the West Bank and the PWA (Palestinian Water Authority). He underwent a most powerful experience, which affected his everyday life.

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