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Arthur F. Billy: Beautiful Palestine, Haifa, Akka, Bahaullah (Bahji), Paradise, 9/10/12 (Video Slide Show)

October 10, 2012
Beautiful Palestine, Haifa , Akka, Bahaullah-Bahji, Paradise, Rev.3, 10-9-12

I thank all of those whose photographic work and music is included in this documentary
I have used these Pictures and Music in good faith; as fair comment; for no personal or financial gain and ONLY in the interests of PEACE, TRUTH, JUSTICE and RESTITUTION for the Palestinian people

I have not been able to contact and thank every photographer contributor personally, many of whom are unknown, but I do so now. Without your efforts, this slideshow “Video” would not have been possible.

I welcome comments. All nonconstructive comments containing obscenity, nonconstructive criticism, falsehoods, distortion of historical facts and other uncivilized expressions not acceptable to common norms of behavior will be deleted.

Helwa Ya Baladi,
My Beautiful Country
Arabic Song

Sung by Dalida
Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti
Born in Cairo, Egypt to Italian Parents
January 17, 1933
Died in Paris, France
May 3, 1987

Lived most of her adult life in France
After becoming a French Citizen
Changed her name to Yolanda Gigliotti

Akka a UNESCO World Heritage City

Bev and Dave Pictures of Knights Hall Akka

Viewing the links from YouTube or Vimeo,
“Pause the YouTube or Vimeo ”Video”.
Copy the link and place it in your browser.
Open the link.

Instructions For Using The 360 cities Panorama’s Of Parts of Akka (Acre) Palestine
Go SLOW. The faster you move the mouse the faster the Panorama rotates.

Click on a Blue link given below to start the 360 cities Panorama
Delete the Title and the Advertisement by Xing them–out

Click on a thumbnail picture at the bottom of the picture for a different view

Press and hold down the left mouse key
Slowly move the mouse left or right, The view will rotate horizontally around the Vertical axis

Move the mouse forward then backwards with the mouse. The picture will rotate around the horizontal axis

The + and – Zooming Slider is at the top left corner of the Panorama picture. Above the Zooming Slider is the 360 degree rotation Compass Slider marked N and points for South, West and East.

Move the + and – Zooming Slider to adjust the size of the picture. Moving the Zooming-Slider towards the – sign enlarges the picture to the wider View. Moving the Zooming- Slider to the + , zooms into a smaller close-up view

Place your mouse pointer on the fan shaped part on the circumference of the Compass – Slider Circle. Press and hold the left mouse key. Move the mouse slowly staying with the mouse pointer in the fan shaped part. The panorama will rotate 360 degrees.

A massive complex of buildings occupied by the Knights of Saint John, called the "Crusader City” is located opposite the Ahmed el-Jezzar Mosque in Akka. It was buried under a great mound of earth on which Turkish Ottoman ruler Ahmed el-Jezzar built his Citadel.,-39.78,70.0

For a fascinating 360 degree view of view of Knights hall built by the Hospitaler
Crusader Knights of Saint John click on the Link below,0.00,70.0

Siege of Akka (Acre)

Other fascinating 360 views of Akka can be accessed by clicking the links below for a

Claustrophobia!!! Underground passage below Citadel, Akko (Acre), Israel,-28.39,70.0
by Zoran Strajin, 30 meters away

Refractorium – Knights' Hall – – Akko (Acre), Israel,0.00,70.0
by Zoran Strajin.

Restoration of Knights Hall – Acre (Akko), Israel,0.00,70.0
by Zoran Strajin

Turkish Bath Garden, Old City of Akko (Acre), Israel,4.32,56.1
by Zoran Strajin

Al Jezzar Mosque Garden, Akka (Acre),-37.70,70.0
by Zoran Strajin

Jezzar Pasha Mosque, Akka (Acre), Israel,-1.75,70.0
by Zoran Strajin, 170 meters away

Akko – Closed Bazaar – sans-hd,0.00,70.0
by Zoran Strajin

Other 360 cities Panoramas may appear which are not listed above.

With best regards and love,

Arthur Franz Billy

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