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Arthur F. Billy: Beautiful Palestine – Schneller, Haifa, Akka; Bahaulla, Akka,Bahji; Paradise; Rev. 8, 12-6-12 (Video Slide Show)

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Dalida, Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti
January 17, 1933 – May 3, 1987
Born in Egypt to Italian Parents, Lived most of her adult life in France.
Became a Naturalised French citizen. changed her name to
Yolanda Gigliotti

Vittorio Arrigoni
Italian Reporter, Writer, Pacifist and Activist
Member International Solidarity Movement.
Murdered 4-15-2012 by
Tawhid-Wal-Jihad, a radical Palestinian Salafist group in Gaza.

Are Israeli Jews in their way to becoming Nazis, by Alan Hart 12-5-12

The Impact of Early German Missionary Enterprise in Palestine on Modernization and Environmental and Technological Change, 1820-1914, R. Kark, D. Denecke and H. Goren.

Account by Mitri Simaan Nehmeh on Schneller's

Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule, Yousef Mourad
Part I

Part II

Schneller Orphanage

Jerusalem's Schneller Compound To Become Deluxe Condos, 2-8-12


German Colony,_Haifa
Shrine of the Bab
Haifa Pictures, Palestine Remembered

Akka a UNESCO World Heritage City
Bev and Dave Pictures of Knights Hall Akka

List of Irgun Zvai Leumi murders in Palestine,1937-1948


Click on a blue link to open the Panorama
Delete the Title and the Advertisement
Click on thumbnail at bottom of the picture for different views
Go SLOW until you get used to the rotation speeds.
Press and hold down the left mouse key. Very slowly move left, right forward, backwards with the mouse. The picture will rotate.

On the top left corner of the Panorama picture is the (+ and — Zooming Slider).
Above the zoom slider is the 360 degree rotation Compass Slider marked N and points for South, West and East.

Move the (+ and -Zooming Slider) to adjust the size of the picture. Moving the Zooming-Slider towards the – sign enlarges the picture. Moving the Zooming-Slider to the +, zooms into a smaller close-up view

Place your mouse pointer on the fan shaped part on the circumference of the Compass – Slider Circle marked N (North) above the (+ and -Zooming Slider). Press and hold the left mouse key. Move the mouse slowly staying with the mouse pointer in the fan shaped part. The panorama will rotate 360 degrees.

360 PANORAMAS, By Zoran Strajin
Refractorium Knights Hall,0.00,70.0

Restoration of Knights Hall,0.00BY,70.0

Knights of Saint John buried Crusader City,-39.78,70.0

Underground passage,-28.39,70.0

Turkish Bath Garden,4.32,56.1

Al-Jezzar Mosque Garden,-37.70,70.0

Jezzar Pasha Mosque,-1.75,70.0

Closed Bazaar,0.00,70.0

With best regards and love,

Arthur Franz Billy

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