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Arthur F. Billy: Beautiful Plestine, the Dead Sea, Il Silenzio (Video Slide Show)

Beautiful Palestine, the Dead Sea, Il Silenzio
October 6, 2012
Arthur Billy

The Dead Sea of Palestine, In Arabic: البَحْر المَيّت‎, al-Baḥr El-Mayyit is a very Unique Sea. It is one of the most unique places on Earth. There is no other Sea like it in the World. Being an Endorheic Sea, without an outlet, the water from the Jordan river dams up in the Dead Sea. Because of the infernal heat and high humidity the water evaporates rather quickly.

The beautiful Unique Dead Sea of Palestine is slowly dying. Unfortunately the Dead Sea is dying because of Man's stupidity and the Whims of Nature. Like what happened to the once Beautiful Aral Sea in Russia

I was born in Jerusalem, Palestine about 15 miles west of the Northern most part of the Dead Sea. As a young boy and a young man I explored a small part of the Dead Sea area which is mostly desert, when going there with members of my family. This was before all hell broke loose in Palestine in 1948 and the Jewish Zionist war, massacres, ethnic cleansing and Israeli Genocide of the Palestinian people was started by the Jews. It is still going on 64 years later.

The Dead Sea is about 41.6 miles long and at its widest point about 11 miles wide. It is the only sea in the world at the lowest elevation below sea level. Its surface and shores are 422 meters (1,385 ft) below sea level,[2] the lowest elevation on the Earth's surface on dry land. The Dead Sea is 378 m (1,240 ft) deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. It is also one of the world's saltiest bodies of water, with 33.7% salinity. The climate is very hot and humid.

You cannot drown in the Dead Sea because of the Salinity and the Mineral Content.

You must not dive into the Dead Sea head first because you will right away bob to the surface like a cork. You have to rinse in fresh water right away because the climate around the Dead Sea is very hot and often humid. When out of the water or floating on it, the salt and mineral rich water will instantly dry into a layer on your exposed body, face and on your eyes which can damage your eyesight. Out of the water the very salty-mineral rich water will immediately dry on your body and you will look like a snowman covered with salt from head to toe.

The Cry of the Dead Sea was modified by Dr. Arthur F. Billy on November 26, 2009 and October 6, 2012. Since I could not find the music sound008.wav of the Original Presentation on the internet I added the following music:

Il-Silenzio composed and played by Italy’s best trumpet player Rafaele Celeste “Nini” Rosso,

The beautiful song Il Silenzio".Con'ecommp3.avi sung by Dalida

I added eleven information Text Slides 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 24, 25, 33, 36, 37, 38;
I added seven new Pictures and Custom Animation
I Corrected typographical errors, and some original titles
I Retouched the top right picture of Slide 19 because it had a flaw
I fixed the corrupted original Slide 18

I added the beautiful Il Silenzio Lyrics Translated from Dalida's "Italian Lyrics"
My love you go away
It’s so sad and you know that
What useless days
I will live by thinking of you
I'll give my life to have you always
Close to me
Like a voice that by now
I know already,
this silence will speak to you of me
nothing could change
even if I must wait

Like a voice that by now
I know already
this silence will speak to you of me
My love, you go away
but you'll return again
Good night my love
I'll see you in my dreams
Good night to you
who are distant

DALIDA"Il Silenzio".Con'ecommp3..avi

Uploaded by salvatore33888 on Jan 26, 2012
DALIDA – Bonsoir Mon Amour, French
Uploaded by George GRAMA on Sep 17, 2007 Clip multimedia, muzical
Realizare: George GRAMA R O M A N I A Dalida:

Also Listen to 'Il Silencio' (The Silence) played by 13 year old Melissa Venema with André Rieu and his orchestra at the 'Vrijthof' in Maastricht,

The Cry of the Dead Sea Original 11-26-09 {10-6-12}

With best regards and love,

Arthur Billy


Source: Arthur F. Billy

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