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Hans-C. von Sponeck: Responsability to Protect (R2P): Concept and Implementation, Opportunity….

Responsibility to Protect (R2P): Concept and Implementation, Opportunity and Misuse The R2P attempt failed in Libya Dr. h.c. Hans-Christof von Sponeck   In a few months the UN will be 67 years old. Initially, there were 51 states which had joined this new inter-governmental institution in 1945. Currently the United Nations includes 193 member states. Southern Sudan is its youngest member. This new stat ...

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Hans-C. von Sponeck: Internationale Schutzverantwortung – Der lange Weg der UNO vom Konzept zur Norm

Internationale Schutzverantwortung - Der lange Weg der UNO vom Konzept zur Norm Hans-C. von Sponeck   Die Staatengemeinschaft ist seit der Gründung der UNO im Jahre 1945 durch 51 erstunterzeichnende Staaten in 67 Jahren auf 193 Länder angewachsen. Der Süd-Sudan wurde 2011 das jüngste Mitglied der Vereinten Nationen. Schnell ist das neue Land aufgenommen worden. Die im Augenblick M ...

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Uri Avnery: Talking Zionism

TALKING ZIONISM by Uri Avnery    28/07/12 “HE TALKS Zionism,” used to be a very derogatory comment when I was young. It meant that some elderly functionary had come to waste our time with a boring speech consisting largely of empty phrases.   That was before the foundation of the State of Israel. Since then, the term Zionism has been elevated to the status of a state ideology, if not ...

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Franklin Lamb: Now´s Not the Time for Hezbollah to Cut-and-Run

Bad Advice From a Friend Now’s Not the Time for Hezbollah to Cut-and-Run by FRANKLIN LAMB Dahiyeh, South Beirut.   This observer admits that politically speaking, things might appear a bit tough for Hezbollah these days but will spare the dear reader the tedium of a laundry list of what the Party has experienced over the past 20 months in terms of domestic and foreign attacks, condemnations, calu ...

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Mazin Qumsiyeh: Concerning the Palestinian Charter

Concerning the Palestinian Charter From Mazin Qumsiyeh To remind us, this charter of the PLO shown below was not legally amended. Many of us are calling for a democratic election to the Palestine National Council per the charter after which some things can be reconsidered democratically by those representing 11.5 million Palestinians. Some of the things we believe would then be brought up and voted upon inc ...

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Ramzy Baroud: Lurking Danger – Palestinian Refugees in Syria

'The flames are quickly approaching Yarmouk (as) someone is trying to drag the Palestinians into the fire,' reported Palestinian commentator Rashad Abu Shawar (as cited in Israeli Jerusalem Post, July 20). Yarmouk is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Its inhabitants make up nearly a quarter of Syria’s entire refugee population of nearly 500,000. Despite the persistence of memory a ...

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Norton Mezvinsky: The One State Solution

I want to begin my presentation with a brief, current, factual and, I believe, realistic appraisal of the Palestinian-Israel conflict.  For more than 43 years from the end of the June, 1967 war to date Israel and the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza have constituted one state.  This is a fact.  It is unfortunately also a fact that, as I am sure you know, Palestinians in this sta ...

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Richard Falk -Toward a Ghandian Geopolitics: A Feasable Uthopia?

   There has been serious confusion associated with the widespread embrace of ‘soft power’ as a preferred form of diplomacy for the 21st century. Joseph Nye introduced and popularized the concept, and later it was adopted and applied in a myriad of settings that are often contradictory from the perspective of international law and morality. I write in the belief that soft power as a fo ...

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Bisan Center: Foreign Aid and the Molding of the Palestinian Space

Bisan Center for Research and Development releases it’s new study "Foreign Aid and the Molding of the Palestinian Space” as part of a series on development in the occupied Palestinian territories. The studies included in this series aim at deconstructing the dominant development discourse and the programs resulting from it through analyzing the development discourses of Palestine’s ma ...

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