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Azizi Bin Habeebi: Report This (On Gaza) (Official Version)

Hellooo?! American media, and yes European media… Anybody in there?!

Here we go again…
Where have we seen this before?
right here, right here..

Israel provokes, assassinates,
keeps over a million and a half imprisoned, under siege, all borders closed, nowhere to run,
and at the first sign of resistance restarts it's military philosophy of an eye for an eyelash…

here you go again, regurgitating Israeli P.R. language, spoon fed word for word their twisted logic and distractions, dodging (avoiding) both international law questions and or any hints of ethics issues.
You even play their military video footage now, isn't this free advertising for their military industry?! (And what is your commission brother?!)

You really EQUATE the sides?! You keep repeating "Both sides" are at it.
You really want to equate one of 5 the strongest armies in the world with a group that doesn't have any tanks, helicopters or jets?!
As if a collective population is really responsible for the actions of the few they elected.
You've already bullshitted your people about their financial crisis and covered up for the banks and now you keep confusing them about what their taxes are supporting?!
Report this:
Report what Israeli officials are saying on the ground
Report the banned weapons that are being used
Report the chemicals that poisons the soil that no crops can be grown again
Report the thousands and thousands who have lost fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, but not lost their humanity, the thousands and thousands who resist non-violently day in and day out,
from the child imprisoned for standing up to a gun, to the 75 year old holding on to the olive tree before it's cut,
And report their brothers and sisters around the world pledging solidarity

Report my rage,
report my rage,
but hold on, hold on, don't you think for one minute that I would let my rage will turn into hate,
oh I'm watching my steps and I'm not falling into that trap of stereotyping you've been setting up for me.
I polish my heart with every lie you make, and this cloth is sure getting dirty and I'm washing that too, but hey, enough about me and my kind..
where will YOU be when the dust settles?!
Which lineage do you choose to continue; the ancestors who justified massacres,
rationalized inequality,
looked away and practiced blindness?!

Or those who evolved their vision to see beyond national and religious man made divisions?!
Will you be joining the choir that moans "history repeating itself"
It's getting harder and harder for you to keep re-writing history books when the lies are uncovered faster than ever,

History is re-writing you now,

So the question is what would we,
What would WE like our children to know about us?!

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