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Bassam Nasser: We Are Not Afraid of Death

Palestinians are standing today defending humanity and not only themselves.  We don't count our lives BUT, we want our children to live free and face challenges of life JUST like others in all parts of the world.  But, to be born, live and Finally die under the occupation with denial of BASIC right is completely not accept. If this is going to cost me my life, my children lives with all regret, I say: Ok! with tears I accept.  But, at least one Palestinian child will live FREE on day. Even, if this day is going to be few seconds before Judgement day, we accept.  This colonial brutal inhuman occupation MUST end.
Consider this message as the non-stop message from me representing every Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank. Still, not speaking about millions of Palestinians living in the diaspora where their case is not mentioned.
We want to tell you that under the air strikes with hundreds of thousands on tons of explosives coming as gifts from the free world to the racist state of israel… we want to tell you that we will never ever surrender. If the Canadian, Australian or the US Governments like it or not. They can go to hell with the Racist Israel… But, we will not vanish we will not give up.
With love and only love from Gaza. we love you and we highly appreciate your efforts. One day, you will come to Palestine to put flowers on our graves, but you will be proud of yourselves of being on the right side.
This is not a Panic message… Trust me, we simply are not scared, not afraid of death… Death will come anyway, but the question is how to die! we will die marching for freedom just like many other examples in other parts of the world.
Again, you need to stay strong and stick to your believes of supporting the end of the LAST RACIST ENTITY in history of humankind.
from the heart of Gaza.

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