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Institut für Palästinakunde: Genozid in Gaza 2014

  Im Sommer 2014 findet in Gaza, in einem von Israel errichteten und belagerten Palästinenser-Ghetto, ein genozidales Pogrom der israelischen Armee statt. Ein Massaker an der palästinensischen Zivilbevölkerung mit über tausend Toten und 6000 Verletzten, einhergehend mit der Verwüstung ganzer Wohnviertel. Ein Pogrom eines uniformierten fanatisierten Mobs, der Bomben auf Wohnh ...

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Felicity Arbuthnot: Gaza Versus the Warsaw Ghetto – Double Standards in Assessing Crimes Against Humanity

“Do not hold the delusion that your advancement is accomplished by crushing others.”(Marcus Tullius Cicero,106-43 B.C.) “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.” (Dante, c1265-1321.) One of the haunting images of Jewish heroism, lauded in history books and Holocaust commemorations, is the courage of those, especiall ...

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Tariq Shadid: Our Solidarity – Unity, and the Art of Keeping It Together

What better way to defeat an enemy than to cause a situation which has its ranks divided, and seeing its energy unleashed by one faction upon another, followed by tit-for-tat retributions, in an unending cycle of mutual destruction? Watch those who support one common cause going at each other’s throats, and you will find yourself faced with a very difficult dilemma. What if you feel that both sides sh ...

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IPPNW: Online-Mitmachaktion an Außenminister Westerwelle – Verträge statt Bomben – Atomwaffenfrei jetzt!

Es ist unbedingt notwendig, dass Israel und Iran an einen Tisch kommen, um über Atomwaffen zu reden. Iran zu bombardieren wird seine Führung erst recht provozieren, Atomwaffen zu bauen. Besser wäre es, sich auf einen Prozess zu einigen, der Atomwaffen für Iran und Israel gleichermaßen verbietet. Deutschland muss dieses Ziel in den Vordergrund seiner diplomatischen Bemühungen r ...

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Veranstaltung der Badischen Zeitung in Kooperation mit dem Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V.

Veranstaltung der Badischen Zeitung in Kooperation mit dem 'Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V.' "Breaking the Silence" Israelische Soldaten sprechen über ihren Einsatz in den besetzten Gebieten Buchvorstellung und Gespräch mit Dana Golan, Jerusalem Moderation Annemarie Rösch, Badische Zeitung Übersetzung Dr. Gabi Weber     Donnerstag, 20.9.2012 19h30 BZ-Haus der Ba ...

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Take Action to Save Silwan!

The Palestinian town of Silwan lies on the edge of East Jerusalem, just outside the walls of the Old City. Many Palestinian families in Silwan now live in fear of imminent eviction by the Israeli authorities in order to make way for a new tourist attraction. A total of 88 houses have been issued demolition orders, and many families have been told they’ll lose their homes by the end of September. The I ...

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Felicity Arbuthnot: Amnesty International – An Instrument of War Propaganda?

Amnesty International has released satellite pictures of "craters" in Syria, citing : "an increased use of heavy weaponry, including near residential areas". The BBC reports, quoting Amnesty: "Images from Anadan revealed more than 600 probable artillery impact craters from heavy fighting between Syrian armed forces and armed opposition groups." (My emphasis.) Further: "Tur ...

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Lauren Booth: Palestinian Asylum Seekers

by Lauren Booth & O. Qashoo On the 21st, 27th and 29th of June, three asylum seeker vessels heading from the port of Pelabuhan Ratu on the south-eastern coast of Java – a popular embarkation point on the Australian coast disappeared. The boats were overladen with men, women and children desperately seeking a new life, when the boats tragically went missing. Such tragedies are all too common in the ...

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