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Michael Welton: Israel als Problem in der modernen Welt

Englischer Originalartikel: Counterpunch Kann das Unaussprechliche ausgesprochen werden? Israel als Problem in der modernen Welt von Michael Welton Die Stimmung in unserer beängstigenden Zeit ist unglaublich kriegerisch, dunkel, apokalyptisch und rachsüchtig. Der ‚Krieg gegen den Terror‘ ist wie ein Virus, der alles infiziert, mit dem er in Berührung kommt. Und er scheint alles zu ...

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Michael Welton: The Problem of Israel in the Modern World

Can the Unspeakable be Spoken? The mood of our uneasy times is incredibly bellicose, dark, apocalyptic and vengeful. The “war on terror” is like a virus that infects everything it touches. And it does seem to touch everything, from our popular television shows, to getting across borders, travelling overseas somewhere. You can’t read the Sunday paper without feeling queasy, a sense of dread ...

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Finian Cunningham: The Farce of Western Free Speech

French President Francois Hollande leaves the Elysee palace on January 9, 2015, to hold an emergency meeting over recent hostage crises in the country. (Courtesy of AFP)   Speaking outside Elysée Palace in the aftermath of this week's terror killings in France, former President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the violence as "an attack on civilization." Coiffured, sun-tanned and nattily ...

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Ramzy Baroud: Fighting for Survival in the Sinai – Egypt’s Convenient War

An image from social media of Egyptian military purportedly demolishing homes in Northern Sinai. (Twitter/@GalalAmrG) By Ramzy Baroud Sinai is both heaven and hell. This triangular desert boasts an arid landscape of hopeless horizons often interrupted by leftover military hardware from previous wars. The land is comprised of breathtaking beaches, incredible history, and a fusion of fascinating cultures that ...

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Ken FM im Interview mit Hans-Christof von Sponeck

Hans-Christof von Sponeck gehörte zu den ersten Wehrdienstverweigerern der damals jungen Bundesrepublik Deuschland. Im Anschluss entschied er sich für eine Bewerbung bei den Vereinten Nationen. Seit 1968 verbrachte er über 30 Jahre im Dienste der UN und war in dieser Zeit neben den Zentralen in New York und Genf unter anderem in Ghana, Pakistan und Botswana im Einsatz. Seine letzte Station wa ...

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John Pilger: Gaza and the Threat of World War

“There is a taboo,” said the visionary Edward Said, “on telling the truth about Palestine and the great destructive force behind Israel.  Only when this truth is out can any of us be free.” For many people, the truth is out now.  At last, they know.  Those once intimidated into silence can’t look away now. Staring at them from their TV, laptop, phone, is proof of ...

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Uri Avnery: God Wills It

FOR SIX decades my friends and I have warned our people: if we don't make peace with the nationalist Arab forces, we shall be faced with Islamic Arab forces. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will turn into a Jewish-Muslim conflict. The national war will become a religious war. National conflicts are basically rational. They concern territory. They can usually be solved by compromise. Religious conflicts ...

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Sam Bahour: Israelis, Stop Swimming in Our Shit

A new report by Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network details the damage that consecutive Israeli military assaults have caused to Gaza’s water systems, whereby 95 percent of the water consumed in the Strip for decades has been unfit for human consumption. By Sam Bahour Tel Aviv beach (photo: Wikimedia Commons) Palestinians in Gaza are starting to wake up from the shell-shock ...

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