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Sam Bahour: Don’t Cry For Me – Voice of a Palestinian Child in Gaza

By Sam Bahour As the latest horrific obscenity of Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip continues, the death toll mounts. Palestinian children are paying the highest price, both those who are killed and wounded, and maybe even more so, those who survive. Since I have written for decades about how Israel’s prolonged military occupation and endless violations of international law—let al ...

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Maria del Mar Fernàndez: “Gaza Book” – Exhibition of Photos by Gaza Children

18th November 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Maria del Mar Fernandez | Gaza, Occupied Palestine (Photo by Rosa Schiano) We attended a photography exhibition last Wednesday in besieged Gaza City. There were many, many pictures, some of which we photographed. I wish were as much of an an artist as the children, between nine and 16 years old, who shot the originals. They were there, among the public ...

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Occupied Palestine: Children of Palestine – In Pictures

October 26, 2010 by occupiedpalestine IMAGINE… IF THIS WOULD BE YOUR CHILD… You might rob me of my last inches of land… And throw my youth to years of imprisonment… You might put out a flame in my darkest night… And deprive me of my mother’s kiss… You might rob me of a fragment of my dreams… And deprive our children of the joy of celebrating a Eid with ...

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Ramzy Baroud: The Children Are Still Dying – Violence is Not News

Somewhere in my home I have a set of photo albums I rarely go near. I fear the flood of cruel memories that might be evoked from looking at the countless photos I took during a trip to Iraq. Many of the pictures are of children who developed rare forms of cancer as a result of exposure to Depleted Uranium (DU), which was used in the US-led war against Iraq over two decades ago. I remember visiting a hospita ...

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Bie Kentane: The Children of Iraq – Was the Price Worth It?

          The following is a presentation given in the Dialogue sessions of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, May 2012.   “…Line up the bodies of the children, the thousands of children — the infants, the toddlers, the schoolkids — whose bodies were torn to pieces, burned alive or riddled with bullets during the American invasion and occupation of I ...

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Defense for Children International: Recruitment and Use of Palestinian Children in Armed Conflict

Executive Summary The recruitment and use of children in armed conflict is prohibited under international law. Recruitment and involvement in armed conflict can take many forms, ranging from direct involvement in fighting, to subsidiary roles, such as acting as informants, scouts, cooks and porters. The prohibition also includes using children as human shields against possible attack. In the context of the ...

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Stephen McCloskey: Children are in the Front Line of Israel’s Blockade of Gaza

Gaza "Palestine will be free" (Julie Webb)   The Gaza Strip is inching toward a humanitarian crisis as Israel’s five year blockade of the territory has been exacerbated by a dispute over fuel supplies. Gaza’s young people are on the front line of this crisis as failing utilities like water and electricity and an inadequate diet have seen rampant rates of anaemia and diarrhoea. Mea ...

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Susan Abulhawa: ‚Tears of Gaza‘ – Lest Our Tears Dry Up (Including Film)

Tears of Gaza’ by Vibeke Lokkeberg is a documentary film that should be watched by every American, to see how Israel spends our taxes. Every European should watch it, to see the true face of Israel. It should be viewed by every Arab, to renew our resolve not to allow a racist nation to wipe Palestine and her children from the map and from history. I had read the stories from Gaza after Israel’s ...

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