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Listen to “Love in the Time of Genocide” Performed by Haidar Eid (EI)

In this video, the Palestinian intellectual and activist Haidar Eid, in Gaza, performs “Love in the Time of Genocide,” adapted from a poem by the late Egyptian poet Abdul Rahim Mansour. The words are unadorned, but Eid’s performance is haunting, set against images from Israel’s most recent massacre in Gaza: Between contractions and pain We will be reborn Between contractions and pain ...

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Naila Farouky: I Will Not Call For Death (Poem)

I will not call for death. I will not dare to speak the words that call for the death of the “other" I will not seek to avenge through death, the sister, the mother, the father or brother I will not cry “If you kill us, then we are right to kill!” and then question, in anguish, “where has our humanity gone?” I will not call for death. You ask me to justify how I can stand ...

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