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John Greyson: Gazonto – Imagine Toronto Bombed Like Gaza (Short Film)

In his compelling new video Gazonto, Canadian filmmaker John Greyson reimagines Israel’s massive bombardment of the Israeli-occupied and besieged Gaza Strip as if it were an attack on his home city Toronto. Greyson imagines specific attacks on Palestinian homes, schools, mosques, hospitals and other institutions that Israel perpetrated since 7 July as if they had occurred on real-life Toronto sites in ...

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Verdammtes Land – Eine Reise durch Palästina – Lesetour Andreas Altmann

  Reiseautor Andreas Altmann über den Gaza-Krieg »Israel ist wieder einmal in Bombenform. Tag und Nacht stiehlt es den Palästinensern in den Westbanks ihr Land. Und Tag und Nacht bombt es die anderen Palästinenser, in Gaza, in den Tod. Solange Israel die Welt mit der Lüge überflutet, dass es sich bei den Palästinensern um Bestien handelt, um Terroristen und fünf ...

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Listen to “Love in the Time of Genocide” Performed by Haidar Eid (EI)

In this video, the Palestinian intellectual and activist Haidar Eid, in Gaza, performs “Love in the Time of Genocide,” adapted from a poem by the late Egyptian poet Abdul Rahim Mansour. The words are unadorned, but Eid’s performance is haunting, set against images from Israel’s most recent massacre in Gaza: Between contractions and pain We will be reborn Between contractions and pain ...

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