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Tamerishe: Once Upon a Palestine (Poem)

   by Tamerishe            Once upon a distant time, there was a land called Palestine  1 Is it yours or is it mine, this land they once called Palestine 2 And who am I to stand and stare, in disbelief at land stripped bare Banished people, stolen homes, broken dreams, crumbling stones Of ancient graves and ghostly moans, silenced by Israeli drones ...

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Rick Rozoff: Anti-War Essays, Poems, Short Stories and Literary Excerpts

Joseph Addison: Already have our quarrels fill’d the world with widows and with orphans Aeschylus: Ares, father of tears, mows the field of man Aesop: The lies of lupine liberators Conrad Aiken: Vast symphonic dance of death Alain: Why is there war? Richard Aldington: Pools and ponds of blood, the huge black dogs of hell American writers on peace and against war Yehuda Amichai: Knowledge of peace pass ...

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MUST WATCH: Nigel Kennedy and Palestine Strings – Proms 2013 – Full Concert

Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (Nigel Kennedy "fresh insights" Proms 2013) Nigel Kennedy returns with Vivaldi's The Four Seasons -- with the Palestine Strings from the EDWARD SAID National Conservatory of Music as well as members of his own Orchestra of Life. Nigel Kennedy violin Nigel Kennedy's Members of the Orchestra of Life Palestine Strings (Edward Said National Conservatory of Music) Sou ...

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Solomon Burke: None of Us Are Free – If One of Us Is Chained

None Of Us Are Free - If One Of Us Is Chained By Solomon Burke Video And there are people still in darkness, And they just can't see the light. If you don't say it's wrong then that says it right. We got try to feel for each other, let our brother's know that we care. Got to get the message, send it out loud and clear.   Lyrics Well you better listen my sister's and brothers, 'C ...

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Barry McGuire: Eve of Destruction (Song)

Eve Of Destruction   Don't you understand what I'm tryin' to say Can't you feel the fears I'm feelin' today?     Barry McGuire:Eve Of Destruction The eastern world it is exploding Violence flarin', bullets loadin' You're old enough to kill but not for votin' You don't believe in war but whats that gun you're totin'? And even the Jordan River ...

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