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Gary Corseri: I Voted (Poem)

I voted today. … I voted for peace and justice and sanity In an insane world of violence and injustice. I voted. I voted for clear streams, rivers, and seas; Bright stars in a cedar-scented night-sky; Whale-songs heard in unpolluted oceans. Not for the lesser of two evils, But for the greatest good for the greatest number— For nothing less, I voted. I voted for climate-change victims; And for t ...

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Nahida Nizzat: Stone the Terrorist (Poem)

Stone the terrorist Stone the terrorist No one knows my real name No one cared to ask An alien entity… with lost identity To some I’m the manifestation Of the horror of the newspapers The wicked one Plotting with the axis of evil   To others I’m the one Who ascended from the past’s graveyard To drag humanity to the age Of ignorance and darkness   In the eighties I was Khom ...

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Rick Rozoff: Anti-War Essays, Poems, Short Stories and Literary Excerpts

Joseph Addison: Already have our quarrels fill’d the world with widows and with orphans Aeschylus: Ares, father of tears, mows the field of man Aesop: The lies of lupine liberators Conrad Aiken: Vast symphonic dance of death Alain: Why is there war? Richard Aldington: Pools and ponds of blood, the huge black dogs of hell Yehuda Amichai: Knowledge of peace passes from country to country, like children ...

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Stéphane Hessel im November 2012 an der BuchBasel

STEPHANE HESSEL IM NOVEMBER 2012 an der BuchBasel   Vor einem Jahr hielt Stéphane Hessel in Zürich eine Rede mit anschliessender Diskussion mit dem Publikum. Die Themen waren: Empörung & Engagement, Weltgesellschaft, wirtschaftliche & ökologische Krise, Palästina & Israel. Aus der Rede wurde ein Buch. Nun lädt Stéphane Hessel zu Buchpremiere und zu Ges ...

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