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Hanna Braun: A Basic History of Zionism And Its Relation to Judaism

04/10/06 "ICH" -- -- I would like to start with a quotation by Amira Hass, a very courageous Israeli journalist who lives in Ramallah. She writes for the most respected though by no means left-wing daily "Ha'aretz" (Il Ard in Arabic, one of many examples of the great similarity of the Arabic and Hebrew languages; both derived from an ancient form of Aramaic). Although threatened seve ...

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Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre London Presents: Unto the Breach

  Britain’s leading theatrical Palestinian dance troupe, Al Zaytouna, give Shakespeare a new twist with the launch of  Unto the Breach, a dance adaptation of Shakespeare’s great literary classic Henry V set in modern-day Palestine.   Directed by award-winning author, playwright and director Ahmed Masoud and co-directed by Hadjer Nacer,  the show fuses Palestinian fo ...

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Nahida Izzat: Only In Palestine – A Poem

In Palestine, good and evil assemble in stark contrast An epitome of creation In Palestine, heroism meets malice head on No concealment, no pretence In Palestine, kindness confronts bitterness Mercy grows defiant “Never forget and never forgive” mantra is brought to shame In Palestine, walls all around Yet, setting on the fence is no longer an option One must choose a camp In Palestine, from pro ...

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Veranstaltung der Badischen Zeitung in Kooperation mit dem Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V.

Veranstaltung der Badischen Zeitung in Kooperation mit dem 'Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V.' "Breaking the Silence" Israelische Soldaten sprechen über ihren Einsatz in den besetzten Gebieten Buchvorstellung und Gespräch mit Dana Golan, Jerusalem Moderation Annemarie Rösch, Badische Zeitung Übersetzung Dr. Gabi Weber     Donnerstag, 20.9.2012 19h30 BZ-Haus der Ba ...

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