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Jasiri X – Checkpoint (Rap)

"Checkpoint" is based on the oppression and discrimination Jasiri X witnessed firsthand during his recent trip to Palestine and Israel "Checkpoint" is produced by Agent of Change, and directed by Haute Muslim. Download "Checkpoint" at Follow Jasiri X at LYRICS Journal of the hard times tales from the dark si ...

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Please Sign: Suspend the Israeli Football Association’s FIFA membership

Please Sign HERE - Membership of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) should be suspended until Israel respects the human rights of Palestinians and observes international law, thus enabling Palestinian footballers to play and compete nationally and internationally. Since 1967, Israel has maintained a brutal military occupation of Palestine, building illegal settlements and a separation wa ...

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Paintings by Sliman Mansour With the Song „Baghranni“ ( I Sing) by Amal Murkus

Sliman Mansour (Arabic: سليمان منصور‎, born 1947), is a Palestinian painter, considered an important figure among contemporary Palestinian artists. Mansour is considered an artist of the intifada whose work gave visual expression to the cultural concept of sumud.[1] In 1988 he made a series of four painting on destroyed Palestinian villages, the four villages being Yibna, Yalo, Imwas and Bayt Dajan.[2] ...

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West Beirout – Full Movie (Arabic/French – English Subtitles), 1998

West Beirut is about the 1975 uprising that divided the city of Beirut into Muslim and Christian sectors, and that led to over a decade of civil war. A chilling story based on the writer/director's boyhood memories, the film underscores the terrors children suffer during wartime--not the obvious ones of hunger or the loss of their homes, but the fear that their parents will be killed, and the slow reali ...

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ASIMBONANGA (We Have Not Seen Him) – Johnny Clegg with Nelson Mandela

LYRICS Chorus: Asimbonanga--------------------(we have not seen him) Asimbonang' umandela thina-----(we have not seen mandela) Laph'ekhona--------------------(in the place where he is) Laph'ehleli khona--------------(in the place where he is kept) Oh the sea is cold and the sky is grey Look across the island into the bay We are all islands till comes the day We cross the burning water Chorus.... ...

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