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Julia Littmann: Entwaffnend ernst und still – Yotam Feldman zeigte seinen Film „The Lab“ über die Rüstungsindustrie in Israel

Kritischer Kopf: Yotam Feldman Foto: Ingo Schneider   Yotam Feldman ist ein stiller junger Mann. Einer, der zuhört. Und einer, der besonders viel zu sagen hat. Einiges davon hat er in einen viel beachteten Dokumentarfilm gepackt: "The Lab". In dem einstündigen Film beschreibt er die israelische Rüstungsindustrie, ihren 3-Milliarden-Euro-Jahresumsatz, ihre Protagoniste ...

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Thomas Fricker, Badische Zeitung: Umstrittene Karikatur – Nicht jede Kritik ist Antisemitismus

Die Karikatur von Horst Haitzinger mit Benjamin Netanjahu hat zahlreiche Leser der Badischen Zeitung entsetzt und empört. Sie reagierten in Leserbriefen und Online-Kommentaren. Die BZ antwortet. Foto: Haitzinger   Die Badische Zeitung bediene sich antisemitischer Klischees aus der Zeit des Nazi-Regimes und schüre damit Hass auf Juden – dieser Vorwurf wiegt schwer (siehe hierzu die ...

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Eva Bartlett: Forced to Walk Through Sewage

Mohammed Salem, Reuters The Palestinians of Gaza continue to suffer silently. Not only: -12-18 hour power outages (depending on where in the Strip they live) -critical shortages of medicines (40% of essential drugs): “We’re not talking here about luxury medications — and by luxury I mean medications that will treat conditions that will kill you in five years or ten years. We’re talki ...

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Children Navigate Sewage in the Streets of Al Sabra, Eastern Gaza

Children navigate sewage in the streets of Al Sabra, a neighborhood in Eastern Gaza City on Thursday, November 14, a day after a nearby waste water treatment plant ran out of fuel. The ongoing fuel crisis in Gaza, brought on by near-total blockades enforced by Israel and Egypt, has left the 25-mile coastal strip and its more than 1.7 million Palestinians with as little as six hours of electricity per day ...

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David Swanson: Fifty Organizations Seek Ban on Armed Drones

Fifty organizations and over 75,000 individuals are asking . . . the United Nations Secretary General to investigate the concerns of Navi Pillay, the U.N.’s top human rights official, that drone attacks violate international law — and to ultimately pursue sanctions against nations using, possessing, or manufacturing weaponized drones; the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investi ...

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Speech on Syria by the Prominent Palestinian-British Academic Dr. Makram Khoury-Machool at the British House of Lords

THE REAL AGENDA: SYRIA, MALI and DRC TERRORISM OR RESOURCE WARS? Speakers: Lord Frank Judd, Former Minister for Int. Development Dr Makram Khoury-Machool, Cambridge, UK Prof. Jeremy Keenan, Author, (SOAS) Kate Downey, Campaign Group DRC Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace   Date: Thursday, 7th November, 2013 Time- 18:00 - 20:30 Venue: The House of Lords Location: SW1A 0PW - Room 4A,     Dr ...

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Clayton Swisher (The Guardian): Yasser Arafat – A Farce in Ramallah

The Palestinian Authority has for years ducked the awkward questions about Arafat's death. Don't rely on it to find the truth At a packed conference in Ramallah today, the retired general Tawfik Tirawi, once head of the Palestinian Authority's feared West Bank intelligence, squarely pointed the finger at Israel for the assassination of Yasser Arafat. There are lots of reasons to suspect Israeli ...

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