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Al Jazeera World Documentary: Last Shepherds of the Valley

Palestinian Bedouins in the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley struggle to cling on to an age-old way of life.     Stretching from Mozambique in southeast Africa to Syria in the Middle East, the Great Rift Valley is home to the world's lowest city, Jericho, which was established over 10,000 years ago. Farmers and shepherds have tended flocks and lived off the land in the Jordan Valley for thousand ...

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Franklin Lamb: America Planning for a Post-Israel Middle East?

US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East? by Franklin Lamb August 28, 2012 BEIRUT — Congresswoman Illena Ros-Lehtinen will have her hands full as she makes the political and social rounds at this month’s Republican National Convention. Illena is the only female committee chair in the House of Representatives and arguably Israel’s most ardent agent. She is a constant thorn in the Obama ad ...

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya: The NAM Summit, Iran, and Syria: A Coup against the West?

Can the NAM Summit bridge the Iran-Egypt Gap?   by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya     The upcoming summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) will be held in Tehran from August 26 to 31, 2012. The NAM and its summit are mostly ignored in the Atlanticist world of the United States and NATO, but this year’s gathering has gotten the attention of the Atlanticists and their press. The reason is that ...

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Research Evaluation Direction Clarity – Opinion Poll: Global Index of Religion and Atheism

GLOBAL INDEX OF RELIGION AND ATHEISM Press Release Contact Details For further details please contact: International Queries Ms. Rushna Shahid: Email: (Mobile) +92-307-5440148 (Landline) +92-51-2655630 Local Queries Ms. Sinead Mooney, Deputy Managing Director, RED C Research Email: (Landline) 01-8186316 Disclaimer: Gallup International Association or ...

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya: Israeli-US Script – Divide Syria, Divide the Rest

What is happening in Syria is a sign of things to come for the region. Regime change is not the sole goal of the US and its allies in Syria. Dividing the Syrian Arab Republic is the end goal of Washington in Syria. Britain’s Maplecroft, which specializes in consulting on strategic risk, has said that we are witnessing the balkanization of the Syrian state: “Kurds in the north, Druze in the south ...

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Richard Silverstein: Bibi´s Secret War Plan

UPDATE: Here’s the link for my portion of the BBC Newshour segment in which I was interviewed about the Israeli government document. Israelis are posting a claim that the document I published is identical to a post published by Fresh, an Israeli gossip/news portal, a few days ago. It is not. My original IDF source leaked the post to a Fresh member and me at the same time. That person published a small ...

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Gabi Weber: The Most Horrible Material I Ever Published

Dear Readers,  Below you will find links to new videos relating to events in Syria that have just been posted on Youtube. The footage could be classified as the most (or among the most) savage and deliberate war crimes in modern history.   In the films, the slaughtering of Syrian government personnel is committed by the so-called opposition in Syria, which is funded and supported logistically and ...

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The Real News: The Syrian Civil War and Big Power Rivalry (Videos)

The Syrian Civil War and Big Power Rivalry   Part 4: The Dangerous Global Consequences of a Syria Intervention   Sami Ramadani Pt4: History has shown that deep global economic crisis can lead to war. An intervention into Syria will severely heighten tensions between Russia, China and the US. August 10, 12       Part 3 Who Supports Assad in Syria?   Sami Ramadani: Pt 3 The Syria ...

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Sam Bahour: The Murder of Arafat – How the Israeli Quintet Indicted Itself

  “We have to get rid of Arafat” ~Israeli defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to Prime Minister Sharon caught on an open mic Source: Haaretz (Hebrew) “We operated against Ahmed Yassin and Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi [two Palestinian leaders extrajudicially assassinated by Israel] when we thought the time was suitable. On the matter of Arafat we’ll operate in the same way, when we find the c ...

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