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IMEMC: List of Palestinians Killed Between 7/8 und 7/27

This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 859 names have been confirmed. Woman who lost her family (image by Amnesty International) We realize the number of slain Palestinians is higher than this. The Ministry of Health has stated that a total of 1,049 Palestinians have been killed, and 6,000 injured as of 14:38 pm Sunday July 27th, but we are s ...

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Arn Strohmeyer: Eine genau kalkulierte Kampagne

Die hysterischen Warnungen vor einem neuen Antisemitismus in Deutschland sollen von Israels Vorgehen in Gaza ablenken Da schreien ein paar durchgeknallte Typen auf Demonstrationen gegen Israels Gaza-Krieg dumme und saublöde Parolen – und schon wird die Drohung einer neuen Hatz auf die Juden beschworen. Zustände wie zu Hitlers Zeiten stehen offenbar unmittelbar bevor. Ein Beispiel: In Bremen ...

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The Lancet: An Open Letter For the People in Gaza

Paola Manduca a, Iain Chalmers b, Derek Summerfield c, Mads Gilbert d, Swee Ang e, on behalf of 24 signatories   We are doctors and scientists, who spend our lives developing means to care and protect health and lives. We are also informed people; we teach the ethics of our professions, together with the knowledge and practice of it. We all have worked in and known the situation of Gaza for years. On t ...

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Open Letter by 50 Israeli Army Reservists on Why They Refuse to Fight in Gaza – Petition By Israeli soldiers and reservists

  We were soldiers in a wide variety of units and positions in the Israeli military—a fact we now regret, because, in our service, we found that troops who operate in the occupied territories aren’t the only ones enforcing the mechanisms of control over Palestinian lives. In truth, the entire military is implicated. For that reason, we now refuse to participate in our reserve duties, and we ...

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Jason Ditz (Antiwar): Foreign Press Complain of ‘Intimidation’ by Israel During Gaza War

FPA Complains of Official 'Incitement' Against Press   It’s a tough time to be a foreign correspondent in Israel, covering the ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip. Especially those perceived as working for “unfriendly” foreign media outlets are finding themselves under attack, sometimes literally. Several reporters have cited intimidation from Israelis, who threaten violence ag ...

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Abed Shokry aus Gaza: Die letzte Vertreibung aus dem Paradies

GAZA am 24.07.2014 um 16.00 Uhr Die letzte Vertreibung aus dem Paradies Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, eben vor ca. 20 Minuten hat die moralischste Armee der Welt die UNWRA-Schule aus der Luft und vom Land aus mit Panzern angeschossen. Die Schule hatte für die Zivilbevölkerung geöffnet und so konnten dort zwischen 1000 – 1500 Menschen Schutz suchen. Die Ärzte und Krankenpfleger z ...

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Gaza Resident: I’m Called a Human Shield for Refusing to Leave My Home

Abby Martin speaks with Suha Najjar, a resident of Gaza City, discussing the horrors of daily life on the ground in Gaza since the Israel's latest offensive and debunks the 'human shield' rhetoric often heard from the IDF when justifying indiscriminate killings of civilians LIKE Breaking the Set @ FOLLOW Abby Martin @ ...

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