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Mounir Saada: Gaza – The Pain and Suffering and the Human Tragedy

Accumulated wounds generating human tragedies and the rigors of pain and sufferings has been aggravated. Heart breaking and horrific scenes that overstep all human norms and limits. Heads separated from the bodies.. charred corpses.. body parts scattered.. sand colored in red and the smell of blood devastates in everywhere. The heavy black smoke floats in the sky of Gaza, flames rising from the rubbles of t ...

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Orouba Othman: Gaza – Families Destroyed by Israel’s Bombs

  His whole life passed before his eyes like a film uncut by memory. He dived into the rubble of his home, hoping to find something to defeat the idea of his family’s death. But death is always stronger and here, the smell of blood fills the air. Gaza – He calls them to slow down their march towards death but the sounds of their lives quiet down and their steps count down until zero hour. T ...

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Bassam Nasser: We Are Not Afraid of Death

Palestinians are standing today defending humanity and not only themselves.  We don't count our lives BUT, we want our children to live free and face challenges of life JUST like others in all parts of the world.  But, to be born, live and Finally die under the occupation with denial of BASIC right is completely not accept. If this is going to cost me my life, my children lives with all regret ...

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Rolf Verleger: Pogrom 2014

Liebe Freunde,   als 1903 der junge Michail Rybatschenko bei Kischinew (heute Moldawien, damals Zarenreich) ermordet aufgefunden wurde, stellten dort die "guten Christenmenschen“ die Juden als blutrünstige Monster dar. „Tod den Juden“ wurde geschrieben, gepredigt, gebrüllt und tatkräftig umgesetzt. Das war das erste Kischinewer Pogrom. Das Zaren-Regime schaute gern ...

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Bettina Marx: Kommentar bei DW – Provokation und Gewalt

Was war Auslöser der neuen Spirale der Gewalt in Nahost? Liegt die Schuld hierfür allein bei der palästinensischen Hamas? Bettina Marx meldet in ihrem Kommentar Zweifel an und blickt auf die Vorgeschichte dieser Tage. Trümmer eines Hauses in Gaza nach einem Raketen-Angriff am 13.07. Fassungslos schaut die Welt auf die Ereignisse im Nahen Osten, auf diese neue Runde der Gewalt, die schon ...

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Moneeb Saadas: Gaza – Life Resisting Death – Here is the Gaza of Glory

In Gaza everything is different.. even death!! The atmosphere is terrifying here in Gaza and you cannot concentrate on the surrounding. Missiles and explosions surround you, i...n Gaza only Israeli warplanes roar is heard and the sound of missiles and bombs explosions killing innocent people and destroying houses with their inhabitants, in Gaza nothing occurs more frequently than death.. nothing more fascin ...

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Eva Bartlett: Bloggers and Activists From/In Gaza (Link Collection)

Most who are following this latest, absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH SECURITY, massacre are looking for good sources from within Gaza. Here are some I am following and sharing:   Haidar Eid (independent political commentator, One Democratic State Group, Professor at al Aqsa University). His latest: Gaza: Signposts on the road to liberation      see also: URGENT CALL FROM GAZA CIVI ...

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