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The Ringworm Children – Testing of Large Radiation Doses on Humans (MUST WATCH)

Directed by David Belhassen and Asher Hemias. The documentary won the award for "Best Documentary" at the Haifa International Film Festival and was featured as a documentary at the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2007. It is claimed in the documentary that the X-ray radiation used on the children was thousands of times beyond the maximum recommended dose and it is suggested that the program ...

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Yousef Munayyer: Lessons From Yarmouk

Every decade, another episode of dispossession and loss plays out for Palestinian refugees in troubled host countries. Yarmouk is the latest reminder of the international community' failure to address the plight of Palestinian refugees, writes Munayyer [EPA] In Yarmouk refugee camp, the largest concentration of Palestinians in Syria among the nine refugee camps there, the Palestinian population is trapp ...

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Hanan Ashrawi: Kahane´s Legacy

Twenty years ago this week, a Brooklyn-born Israeli settler named Baruch Goldstein walked into the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and opened fire with his army-issued assault rifle, killing 29 Palestinians and wounding 150 others. In the following days, Israeli soldiers shot and killed at least 20 more Palestinians and injured hundreds of others as protests erupted across the occupied territories. The Israeli go ...

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Amos Wollin, Norbert Mattes: Ariel Sharon, „ein israelischer Cäsar“ (2002)

© INAMO NR. 32, Winter 2002, Jahrgang 8, Seiten 27-31. Ariel Sharon gehört zur Kategorie der wiederholt als unbestrafte Kriegsverbrecher bezeichneten aktiven Politiker. Abgesehen von der skrupellosen Förderung seiner eigenen militärischen und politischen Karriere, sah und sieht Sharon seine Hauptaufgabe im unerbittlichen Kampf um die Vernichtung aller Formen der arabischen und vor allem ...

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Palästinakomitee Stuttgart: Israelische Waffengeschäfte

Bewaffnete israelische Drohnen für die Bundeswehr Die Bundeswehr fordert vehement die Anschaffung von bewaffneten Drohnen. Verteidigungsministerin und Außenminister schweigen zum Thema. Der israelische Heron soll nun zum bewaffneten Drohne werden Der Bundeswehrverband und der Kommandeur der deutschen Afghanistan-Truppe haben sich für eine Anschaffung von Kampfdrohnen zum Schutz der eigenen S ...

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Cafe Palestine Freiburg sagt DANKE

CAFE PALESTINE FREIBURG SAGT DANKE Ein aufregendes, spannendes und erfolgreiches Jahr liegt hinter uns. Wir haben einen großen Gerichtsprozess gegen die Universität Freiburg gewonnen, wir haben weiter Aufklärungsarbeit geleistet, uns von Störern, Denunzianten und Drohaktionen nicht von unserer Arbeit abbringen lassen, wir haben dafür gesorgt, dass das Thema Palästina nicht in ...

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Alex Shams: Widespread Flooding in Gaza Forces Thousands to Flee Homes

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Gaza Strip was pounded by fierce winds and rain again on Friday as flooding reached dangerous levels in many areas, forcing thousands to flee their homes amid widespread power outages as temperatures plunged into the single digits. The flooding was worst in the northern Gaza Strip, where hundreds fled their homes and water levels reached 40-50 cm in some parts, forcing residents ...

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Must Watch: ABC News – New York City College Meeting With Nelson Mandela, 1990 (Video)

Here is a 1990 video from my collections. I got this tape from ABC in a VHS in 1990, I recently transferred it to a DVD format so I can share with all. It is a 1990 Town Hall meeting with Nelson Mandela of South Africa anchored by Ted Koppel on ABC Nightline in New York. This meeting was among the programs planned for the First visit of Nelson Mandela to USA, immediately he was released after 27 years in pr ...

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Jonathan Cook: Gaza – Life and Death Under Israel´s Drones

  Drones killed an estimated 36 of the 162 Palestinians who lost their lives during Operation Pillar of Defence [AP] Jerusalem - There are many things to fear in Gaza: Attacks from Israel's Apache helicopters and F-16 fighter jets, the coastal enclave's growing isolation, the regular blackouts from power shortages, increasingly polluted drinking water and rivers of sewage flooding the stre ...

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