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Noam Chomsky: What the American Media Won`t Tell You About Israel

The savage punishment of Gaza traces back to decades ago. December 3, 2012 |   The Israeli air force struck a UN building during the assault on Gaza in 2008-09. Photo Credit: ISM Palestine/Wikimedia Commons   An old man in Gaza held a placard that read: “You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my countr ...

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Alison Weir: The Empire Behind World’s Largest History Magazine Chain – How American History Magazine Censored Palestine

Weider History Group   "...I found out that the magazines are part of a massive and lucrative empire based on bodybuilding and related products: an empire that has been investigated and convicted for using false claims to sell potentially dangerous “nutritional supplements” and for publishing “obscene” magazines, run by powerful people with powerful friends in high places w ...

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Finian Cunningham: Poetic Justice in Qatari Tyrant’s Fairytale of Supporting Regional Democracy and Free Speech

  Once upon a time there was a very rich emirate whose royal ruler wanted to dazzle the world with his magnanimity and appreciation of free speech. It was a bold move because, in this particular geographical desert enclave, the oil-rich kingdoms were typically ruled with an iron rod by absolute unelected monarchs. These tyrants, who lorded over their people with megalomaniacal majesty, were widely fear ...

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James F. Tracy: When Propaganda Masquarades As News

The week-long Israeli onslaught against largely defenseless Palestinians in Gaza that began on November 14 provides a basis for assessing how Western corporate media whitewash the war crimes of America’s foremost ally in the Middle East. There are three often intertwined techniques consciously applied to such news coverage—historical context, sourcing, and objectification of the enemy to be targ ...

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RT: Israel´s War on Truth – Brainwash Update (Video)

Abby Martin highlights the Israeli Military's bombing of media buildings and targeting of journalists, including the RT office in Gaza, and calls out the Israeli government to for making veiled threats to RT's headquarters in Moscow. LIKE Breaking the Set @ FOLLOW Abby Martin @ ...

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Sherine Tadros: Covering This Gaza War

It's incredible to watch this war being covered on the inside, as it should have been during the previous war, by hundreds of foreign as well as local journalists. In 2008 Israel and Egypt sealed their borders confining the journalists to the outskirts of the war inside the Strip. Myself and Ayman Mohyeldin (now NBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent) were left to describe what was happening to the outside w ...

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Russia Today: Israel hat bewusst Medien angegriffen – RT Reporter in Gaza

‘ISRAEL hat bewusst die Medien angegriffen' – RT Reporter in Gaza (Video)   Russia Today 18. November 2012       Die Mannschaft von RTs Schwesterkanal Rusiya Al-Yaun (auf arabisch) entging dem Tod, als israelische Raketen auf das Medienzentrum in Gaza fielen und das Gebäude zerstörten, wo sie arbeiten. Ein israelischer Luftangriff auf ein Medienzentrum in Gaza S ...

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Children of Gaza Say: … „Save Us, Please“

    WASHINTON, (PIC)– “It is a dangerous and terrifying time for children”, Save the Children organization said, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza as the number of child casualties mounts. “There is no clean water so children are going to have to start drinking the polluted tap water soon which is going to cause more severe health problems, ...

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Paul Craig Roberts: Puppet State America

The United States government and its subject peoples think of the US as “the world’s only superpower.” But how is a country a superpower when its entire government and a majority of the subjects, especially those members of evangelical churches, grovel at the feet of the Israeli Prime Minister? How is a country a superpower when it lacks the power to determine its own foreign policy in the ...

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