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Facebook Chat With Hosam from Gaza

This is a short chat on Facebook that I had half an hour ago with Hosam from Gaza.

(H – Hosam, G – Gabi Weber)


vor 30 Minuten

H: hi Gabi
thank you more for your supporting Palestinian people
I respect you

G: Your welcome. I am happy to do something

H: My name is hosam from gaza under attack

G: Salam, ya Hossam.

H: I work as engineer at Rafah crossing border

G: How is Rafah? You will have a lot to do to rebuild all the destruction.

H: Rafah have alot of destruction at this war especially at 1/8/2014 when isreal clam that lost one solider in rafah , isreal strike rafah with more than 1000 rocket from tanks at 3 hrs only , my uncle and his family are died

G: Oh I am so sorry to hear that. I knew that there was massive bombardment.

H: Our farms and crops also fully damaged

G: It is so horrible.
I am so sorry for you all.
We are trying to fight for you here in Germany.
Had a vigil yesterday in the City Center of Freiburg

H: Yes I see your efforts on TVs to boycott isreal
I like this efforts , but must all European governments boycott isreal not only some

G: yes you are right, but it is very difficult.
There are many Groups all over Europe working for palestinian right

H: Also , they should send quickly aids for people like me
Our loses estimated by agriculutre ministry by 43,000 US$ , Now our family without any source for stay
thanks ALLAH for this situation
we will fix in Gaza against isreal

G: We are trying to do what we can. Calling for aid via organisations and so on.
Keep strong – we admire you all – the People from Gaza

H: My house is now as shelter for my relatives
that their houses were destroyed


H: from above family only stay the wife that don't know that her wife and kids are died
because she is still injured in hospital

G:This is the Family of your uncle?
Oh my God. It is so so incredibly sad.

H: Yes Ahmed AL Roumi
by two F16 rockets without any warning
they are 7

G: and they all died

H: four are dieing soon
one die in Egypt
wife have middle injures

G: it means that her husband and five Kids are dead?

H: and her daughter 17 years old also in Cairo due to danger of her situation, she lost right eye
No , husband and Four kids are dead
two stay alive
Thanks God
Okay Gabi , I have some works right now so I will leave you
I respect you

G: Hosam, do you allow me to publish our conversation on my Homepage
I think it is important for People to know about your situation

H:I met many of supporters at Rafah crossing point at some convoys as GALWAY convoy
where I works

G: Yes, I know about them all. Can they get into Gaza or is Egypt still closing the borders to prevent aid for their sisters and Brothers in Gaza?
Can I publish this short Chat on my site?

H: Yes you can publish this conversation

G: Ok, thanks so much! I will send you the link as soon as it is online.

Stay strong and be sure that the heart and thoughts of millions of People in the world are with you all!

H: yes, If you need more info. about our situations , I can
supply you with it , to help my family as you can

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