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Gabi Weber Newsletter 13/2/2012: Violence Against Palestinian Children – Negev Bedouins – Jewish National Fund – Ethnic Cleansing


Headlines declare retaliations,
    military strikes. But in the lanes
kids bleed in the dust
while soldiers bar the way
to ambulances: no passage for mercy.

Love is in the details.
I want to know what that man,
twenty-five years old,
killed at his window
cradling his daughter in his arms,
ate for breakfast.
How many years of saving,
one dinar at a time,
it took to build that pile of rubble
that was once a home.
If the boy killed by a sniper
on his way to school
argued with his mother that morning.
If the pregnant woman shot at the checkpoint
was afraid of labor, anemic;
what she felt when her infant
turned beneath her heart.
What that stillborn child might have been named
if its desperate mother
had gotten through to the hospital
ringed with tanks.
Was it a girl? First born?
Fifth in a line of sons?

I want to save everything broken,
collect shards of crockery
from the rubble, gently blot the blood
from the gouged-up earth,
smooth the lashes that lie like tears
on the dead boys' cheeks.
I want to count the fingers and toes of each baby
before it's tucked into the earth.

I want the killers to look survivors in the eye
taste the gore of the dead in their mouths
lie down in the dirt with the corpses they've created
and remember their own history.
I want them to never sleep at night again.

I want the politicians brought before a line-up
of one Palestinian child one Israeli child one Afghani child
one American child one Iraqi child one British child
(all little girls, age four, with neat pigtails,
scrubbed faces, large trusting eyes).
Let them choose the child with the greatest value.

I want the headlines to scream
of Samer Suleiman Abu Mayaleh
fourteen years oldstripped
pushed face down in the street

                                          soldiers fired one bullet at close range
                                                 up his rectum

                                                it burned through his body
                                                  penetrating liver, heart
                                                 blood soaking the dust
                                                   from veins three quarters drained

they said a heart attack killed the boy

don't tell me you believe them
that you hadn't heard
that you're too busy to protest
that you couldn't do anything anyway
that the powers-that-be never listen

so what if we're shouting into a storm
if wind swallows words like rain
it takes just a single voice to break the silence

the world turns in the night
justice will not be silenced
voices planted in darkness
still spark the wounded earth to light

freedom is a seed        a plant        a prayer        a chant       a cyclone

it grows in hard places
courses through the bones
like light     a song     a sound     a voice
a river of voices
bearing us forward

winged seeds upon the storm

Lisa Suheir Majaj



"Almost 1,100 Palestinians, over half children, were displaced due to home demolitions by Israeli forces in 2011,
over 80% more than in 2010.

4,200 additional people were affected by the demolition of structures related to their livelihoods

Israeli forces destroyed 622 structures owned by Palestinians, a 42% increase compared to 2010. This included
222 homes, 170 animal shelters, two classrooms and two mosques (one twice).

The number of rainwater cisterns and pools destroyed in 2011 (46), was more than double last year (21), with
tens of other related structures vulnerable to future demolition.

Most demolitions (90%) and displacement (92%) occurred in already vulnerable farming and herding communities
in Area C; thousands of others remain at-risk of displacement due to outstanding demolition orders.

In East Jerusalem, there was a significant decrease compared to previous years, with 42 structures demolished*.
However, at least 93,100 residents, who live in structures built without a permit, remain at risk of displacement.

Over 60% of the Palestinian-owned structures demolished in 2011 were located in areas allocated to settlements.

70% of Area C is off-limits for Palestinian construction, allocated instead for Israeli settlements or the Israeli
military; an additional 29% is heavily restricted.

Only 13% of East Jerusalem is zoned for Palestinian construction – much of which is already built up, compared
with 35%, which has been expropriated and zoned for the use of Israeli settlements.

Ten out of 13 communities visited by OCHA in Area C reported that families are being displaced because Israeli
policies make it difficult for them to meet basic needs. The inability to build was one of the main triggers for this

(OCHA report "Demolitions and Forced Displacement in the Occupied West Bank", January 2012
IMEMC about the report


European Union very well aware of Israeli crimes committed against Palestinians
"EU Heads of Mission Report on East Jerusalem 2011"

"EU Heads of Mission Report on East Jerusalem 2010"

Jewish National Fund (JNF) – "The Jewish National Fund (JNF) is a criminal organisation under international law that is complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the expropriation of Palestinian lands for the purposes of colonisation and apartheid."

"Introducing the Jewish National Fund" (81 pages) – JNF ebook Vol. 1
"Preparing for Legal Action – Focus Canada Park" (111 pages) – JNF ebook Vol. 2

"Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing – Judaizing the Naqab" (96 pages) – JNF ebook Vol. 3

"Greenwashing Apartheid – Environmental Cover Up" (133 pages) – JNF ebook Vol. 4

Campaign "Stop the JNF"

Displacement of Negev Bedouins
OCHA report "Bedouin Relocation: Threat of Displacement in the Jerusalem Periphery", September 2011, including a map
"Israeli Government Approves Plans to Transfer 30000 Palestinian Bedouin"

Article Collection Electronic Intifada
– Bedouins – Naqab (Negev)
Al Araqib – destroyed 30 times
"Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality"

"Report on the Demolition of Arab-Bedouin Homes in the Negev-Naqab"

"Israel´s Bedouins are at the Front line of Israel´s Continued Ethnic Cleansing"

Video "Frontline in the Negev"!

Sophie Crowe "2600 Bedouins Threatened with DIsplacement…."

55 Palestinian Children arrested only in 2012 (until February 2nd)
"Child Arrest By Israel – Overview"

"Torture – Israeli Occupation Soldiers Break Legs of Palestinian Minor"

"Hebron: At Least 10 Children Arrested in One Week"
Stephen Lendman "Palestinian Children Detained Oppressively in Isolation"

"Israel interrogates Palestinian Minor"

"Children not Exempt from Widespread Torture in Israeli Detention"

Defense for Children International  Report"Under Attack – Settler Violence Against Palestinian Children in the Palestinian Territories"

"Sometimes I Feel my Stomach Will Explode"

Racist Ideology and Israeli Legislation
Israeli Media call for destruction of Al Aqsa, "Cleansing" of Israel´s "Enemies" – Ali Abunimah

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"Dividing Families"

Vaci Vlazna "Ethnic Cleansing in a Zionist Fairy Land"

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Christian Peacemaker Teams "Report: Under Attack – Golani Brigade´s War On the Palestinian Population of Al-Khalil (Hebron)"

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"Zionist Army and Settlers Steal Land from Kufr Qaddum"

Breaking the Silence – Testimonies from Israeli soldiers serving in the Occupied Territories

"Israel Not Looking For Peace. Nor talks. But this"

Ilan Pappe "Confronting Intimidation, Working for Justice in Palestine"

Gideon Levy "Israeli´s Should be Afraid of their Leaders, not Iran"

German Links
Arte TV "In den Hügeln der Negev" Dokumentation über den Bedouinenstamm El Talalka – von Vertreibung und Zwangsumsiedlung bedroht.
"Der Prawer Plan zur Vertreibung von 30.000 Palästinensern"

"Das Recht der Bulldozer"!60223/

"Israelische Nationalparks, eine neue Strategie um palästinensisches Land zu stehlen"

"Sie werden es wieder tun"!56385/

Evelyn Hecht-Galinksi "Deutsche Staatsräson für Israel´s Angriffskriege"

Dr. Gabi Weber, Freiburg

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