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Gabi Weber: The Most Horrible Material I Ever Published

Dear Readers,

 Below you will find links to new videos relating to events in Syria that have just been posted on Youtube. The footage could be classified as the most (or among the most) savage and deliberate war crimes in modern history.  

In the films, the slaughtering of Syrian government personnel is committed by the so-called opposition in Syria, which is funded and supported logistically and publicly by the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’. These ‘Friends’ include NATO, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

 The videos below are arguably the most violent and graphic instances of war crimes I have ever seen. Indeed, I could only watch for a few seconds before turning off the videos with tears in my eyes. I tried to watch a small part of the next sequence, whilst making a concerted effort to continue breathing and not to scream.

 You may then wonder why I am publishing this.

 Cruel as the Opposition can be, we cannot turn a blind eye and not publish, as this would be adopting an ostrich-like behaviour. If we did not publish, we would be asked in the future why it was that we knew but kept silent. Such war crimes cannot be committed by our governments, and in our names!

 This is why I am convinced that the material below must be published. It shows that some of us are creatures who are not worthy of being called ‘HUMAN’ BEINGS! Yet, the monsters committing these crimes against humanity shout: "Allahu Akbar” and “Bism Allah al-Rahman al-Rahim” –

God, Allah, Jehova is again abused.

There is only despair left.



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