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Gabi Weber: Ticking Bombs – New Attempts to Silence Cafe Palestine Freiburg

Over the last three years Cafe Palestine Freiburg has been harassed by both major and minor institutions in the City of Freiburg. We took the mayor and also the University of Freiburg, influenced by Holocaust scholar Dr. Schwendemann, to court and won both cases and we also easily survived Henryk M. Broder (infamous German Hasbara-Islamophobe), German Israeli Society and Antideutsche’s attempts to destroy the Cafe’s reputation.

But apparently, Zionists and supporters of Israel, still determined to stop us, are now reverting to terror.

Yesterday, we hosted Israeli filmmaker Yotam Feldman and his latest documentary " The Lab" – a film that discloses the Israeli military industry and presents Israel, its weapon dealers and death merchants in a very dark light.

However, as soon as the screening commenced, we learned that alarm clocks had been planted in the hall, set to go off during the screening in order to evoke panic.

Despite this shocking attempt at disruption we decided to continue with the screening. However, once the Q&A session with filmmaker Yotam Feldman was over we found a threatening note attached to one clock: Antisemitismus bleibt nicht ungestört (Anti-semitism will not go unchallenged).

This incident has, of course, been reported to the Freiburg police and today it will be decided whether it will be forwarded to a government agency, passed onto the prosecuting authorities or buried in a filing cabinet.


But whatever the outcome, it seems that in the light of the current growing affinity between the United Nations and Iran and the downfall of Israeli Hasbara, we are already encountering a new and vile wave of Zionist intimidation.

The events of Cafe Palestine Freiburg are free and open to the public. Israelis, Zionists and anyone else who opposes our campaign for justice are more than welcome to attend all our gatherings.
We don’t believe in terror and we won’t be intimidated!
But we hope that the supporters of Israel find the courage to attend our events and voice their opposition in a civilised manner – assuming, that is, that they are familiar with such behaviour.
Dr. Gabi Weber, chairwoman Cafe Palestine Freiburg e. V.

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