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Itamar Rose: Israelis Play Palestinians Under the Occupation (Video)

the film maker, Itamar Rose, pick with is car Arafat Abu – Rath, Palestinian that live in
Nablus city in the occupied territory. Together they travel to Sderot, an Israeli town next to Gaza that for ten years are under the threat of missiles from Gaza.
Itamar is approaching the residents that are used to be interviewed about their situation, and asked them to change sides, and to be interviewed as if they were Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.
At first, all residents are opposed on the grounds that they are the victims and in their situation they have no possibility to feel empathy for the suffering of the enemy.
Itamar convince some of them to try it anyway, as he confronts them with Arafat Abu Rath and offers them to hear Arafat life story under Israeli occupation, so they can use his story as background material to their interview.
At the end of the film we see the final result. Kind of a news report about life under Israeli occupation, but instead of Arabic-speaking Palestinians interviewed, there are Israelis Hebrew speaking being interview.

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