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Mazin Qumsiyeh: What We Focus On – Good News or Bad News

One can choose to focus on bad news or good news. What we focus on
determines our outlook on life.

Good news 1: Over 250 million people watched and anticipated the last
episode of the season for the TV show "Arab Idol" and the winner for this
season was 23 year old Palestinian Mohammad Assaf from Gaza whose patriotic
songs, beautiful voice, and self confidence made millions spend the money
to text message their vote.  Assaf, one of millions of Palestinian
refugees, was then appointed goodwill ambassador to the world’s youth by
the UN agency UNRWA. Last night was a night of celebrations among
Palestinians in 1948 areas, in WB and Gaza, and in Exile and indeed among
all 350 million Arabs around the world.  The dream of Arab unity still
lives on.

Good news 2: The video about the work we are doing on issues of
biodiversity in Palestine is now with English subtitles.  Our work is going
great and we just got some exciting new data on some rare animals from
interesting and remote areas.  Please watch here and come visit to see what
we are doing and volunteer if you can:

Good news 3: Good people standing for principles. ‘I was not a party to,
and never will be, to the planting of trees on expropriated and stolen
land’: Former South African Ambassador to Israel rejects JNF trees planted
in his name

Good news 4: Protests continue in Turkey, Brazil and around the world
against the new world order that favors the rich and powerful. Palestine
remains prominent as a key struggle that exposes the hypocrisy of Western
Governments who support colonialism, racism, and other violations of human
rights here in the Arab world and even in their own countries (e.g.
snooping on USA citizens by their own government).  Speaking about
democracy and human rights while doing the opposite will not be sustainable.

Good news 5: People here (Israelis and Palestinians) are starting to ask
important questions about the limits of a militarized fascist society
especially after an Israeli Jewish guard shot an Israeli Jewish man for
simply saying God is Great (Allahu Akbar). The trigger happy Apartheid
society that feigns democracy may yet change and avoid the catastrophic end
seen before in history of similar racist societies.

Good news 6: Demonstrations are spreading inside 1948 occupied areas
(inside the green line) against the Israeli government policies of ethnic
cleansing and racism.  From the Neqab (Negev) to Jaffa to the Triangle to
the Galilee, Palestinians are standing up for their rights.

And perhaps one final good news: most Palestinians now realize the failure
of the Oslo leadership and its inability to move forward with the needed
reforms or to represent our aspirations for freedom and dignity.  The
subcontractors for the occupation are failing both in Gaza and in the West
Bank.  The resignation of the last appointed prime minister of WB-A/B (West
Bank, areas A and B) shows the futility of trying to save face and not
admit to failure of this discourse.  The road is clearer than ever:
reconstitute the PLO on democratic grounds and let the people decide how
and when to return to a liberation struggle. The people demand no less.

Send us other good news to share.

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

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