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Media Statement From the Office of Haneen Zoabi

Press Release

The parliamentary bureau of MK Haneen Zoabi

MK Haneen Zoabi has just filed a lawsuit against the Israeli MK Michael Ben
Ari and members of the extreme right since they are inciting to murdering

This morning, MK Haneen Zoabi has headed for the police station in Nazareth
to file a lawsuit against MK Michael Ben Ari and some members of the
extreme right after the former's page had been filled with menaces and mean
incitements against Zoabi, reflected in the question posed by Ben Ari on
his page " what shall we do with Haneen Zoabi?" The responses to this
question were diverse; some called to threatening her, while others
suggested maltreatment aiming at devastating her. The page has also
included degenerate expletives and obscene expressions.

Other responses have been extremely terrorizing calling for murdering
Zoabi, cutting her limbs off and torturing her; and it is worth indicating
that Ben Ari has not deleted these responses nor had he asked the
responders to do so.

Zoabi indicated that Ben Ari's position resembles the position of the
current regime in Israel, strongly reflecting a series of laws and policies
which gave birth to this plain and menial culture. She added that we should
not remain silent in face of the hostile policies targeting the Palestinian
Arabs within Israel since this silence is actually a serious violation of
our rights. We should struggle to put an end to this dangerous farce which
is happening at the expense of our status, our rights and our lives.

MK Zoabi opined that "Ben Ari provided a stage to all extreme Zionists who
call for murdering Haneen Zoabi in particular and Arabs in general;
therefore he is legally responsible for every single word mentioned in
these despicable responses.  Ben Ari is not the only challenge we are
facing; the different policies and political cultures in this state are
also adopting a hostile and extreme position towards Arabs. Moreover, Ben
Ari's discourse will become the main discourse adopted in Israel towards
the Arabs; and the presence of Lieberman, the minister of foreign affairs,
in the current government, and probably the near future government, is a
strong indicator of that.

for more information-hindawe rabee MK Hanin zoabi assistant -0524341122

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