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Moneeb Saadas: Gaza – Life Resisting Death – Here is the Gaza of Glory

In Gaza everything is different.. even death!! The atmosphere is terrifying here in Gaza and you cannot concentrate on the surrounding. Missiles and explosions surround you, in Gaza only Israeli warplanes roar is heard and the sound of missiles and bombs explosions killing innocent people and destroying houses with their inhabitants, in Gaza nothing occurs more frequently than death.. nothing more fascinating than death.. nothing closer than death!
You die in every step.. you die in every place and in every moment.. “Missiles lighten radiantly”.. you die when you are born.. you die while dying! Is that believable? You die while dying!!!!!!!..

“Do you think how many times a person dies in Gaza and how many paradises he crosses into!?

In Palestine everything is different, the one season comprises the four seasons features all together, it is that the season of “Gaza”. The season when the sky rains bombs and children fall down like tree leaves, when well ahead the spring comes with new born children who renew the vow of promise and destiny, and when eventually closes the curtains with an anguished mother’s inner heart whom death stole her child…

Here in Gaza.. death and life are alike… martyrs and blessed people and destruction in some zones, and in other zones life goes on as normal as it can be, streets are almost void expect the existence of a few people and vehicles.

What takes place in Gaza is a war which is open to all expectations, a war where all weapons are used even the internationally banned ones, but jungle law sovereigns and justifies to Israel all its crimes and gives it a permanent license to bomb, to kill and to demolish..

All this is ongoing, and the anguish is more intensified, martyrs are falling, bloods are shed, and Gaza people aspire the chivalry of the Arab nations to rescue them and support them would it be by threatening the enemy to urgently stop fire because all this is over one’s limits.

Today, Home is writing its alphabets with blood and your alphabets “Gaza!” are written with glory, this is your destiny “Our Gratified Gaza!” to write the history with sacrifice and resistance and endurance so that your history remains shining and enhanced with victory, enriched with liberality and eternal with immortality. Mehr anzeigen

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