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Mounir Saada: Clutches of Death in Gaza

Clutches of Death in Gaza!
What is this city that is smiling despite her wounds and groans of her children,
what is this city that that everyone sees small where as it proves to them every time that she is bigger than all their analyzes…
Yes this is Gaza.
Gaza is never altered by time nor wars no tears and screams of bereaved children. Not changed by bleeding and heal and the wounds of their children.
It is difficult to understand the nature of Gaza, any time they try to decrypt its secret she shots their face send them back to his senses.
This is Gaza, sister … Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Jenin, Ramallah, Nablus and Nazareth, daughter of the wounded Palestine, where good people are united and will never surrender.
But Israeli terrorism allowed everything in it… systematic murder against innocent civilians, children, women and the elderly, and the demolition of houses on the heads of their occupants as they slept …..This is Israeli policy, a terrorist state policy to break the Gaza Strip which remains obstinate.
Gaza is besieged by land, sea and air, the Gaza Strip, which suffers from power cuts, water shortages and a continuing lack of food…
Gaza, which is killed every moment a hundred times!
Here in Gaza, there are new stories about death each day and everywhere, each rocket is carrying a dozens of stories about the everlasting criminality of Israel on Palestinians and their families..!
What happened and still happening in Gaza is a Palestinian cry to the whole world to Stop the occupation, destruction and murder against the people that sings for freedom, security and live in dignity.
This is Gaza…
Great by the confidence of its people, who are trying to live among the ruins of death, despite its small size Gaza contains all its occupants, not narrow only for the occupier!
This is Gaza. ..
Patiently and bearing between her ribs all the concerns of its people, a generous offer hope in the hearts of her children and help them to look for life! Obstinate and Ambitious, Gaza recorded on the shores of sea waves the suffering of its inhabitants and relieve their pain. Strong, it puts up tents on the rest of the buildings to preserve the memories of the earth identity! In front of the pride of Gaza!
Words are silent, pens are curved, ideas are lost and everyone listens the moment it crosses.
This is. .. Gaza city, which is mixed with soil, blood and gunpowder and gives birth to children dreamers who are able to manufacture life, not narrowing to its occupants …
Gaza will not die whatever the invaders do, its people unable to annexation and heal its wounds,
Things are different in Gaza – the inhabitant are lovers of the freedom..
God protect you Gaza and protect your magnificent people, lovers of a free and dignified life.
Mounir Saada, Gaza

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