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Mounir Saada: Gaza – The Pain and Suffering and the Human Tragedy

Accumulated wounds generating human tragedies and the rigors of pain and sufferings has been aggravated.

Heart breaking and horrific scenes that overstep all human norms and limits.

Heads separated from the bodies.. charred corpses.. body parts scattered.. sand colored in red and the smell of blood devastates in everywhere.
The heavy black smoke floats in the sky of Gaza, flames rising from the rubbles of the destroyed houses, though, rockets and missiles whistling is still in the air.

Tragic real scenes of displaced children, the pain of casualties who the hospitals could not accommodate, no tombs to burry corpses, survivors looking for their families inside the rubbles and others sorrowful for the loss of their siblings, families, loved ones and even souvenirs!

These are the scenes of death, blood, destruction, devastation, pain, suffering, sorrow and in parallel some scenes of joy for those who survived this massacre.

It is the destruction and the killing machine that has overlooked everything and that alleviates its hate and injustice by avenging from people, trees and even stones, everything in Gaza is systematically targeted.

It is the hostility of a colonizer exerted on an unarmed nation that is already exhausted from the siege… Starvation and poverty spreading and are a part of a planned system of sieging and severe boundaries in the frontiers and borderlines to disallow the entry of all sources of a descent life, a planned system that deteriorates infrastructures, suspend water and electricity supply, and bans essential and medical elements from access. It is a well-sealed prison, it is rather a slow death swamp.

And the Zionist forces keep committing the same crimes and massacres against Palestinians before even that Palestinians wipe away their tears or hardly overcome the misery.
It is an existence of colonizer which is built upon legends, massacres, inimical wars, cities and villages destructions, scorched-earth policy and land confiscation respectively with the Zionist ideology that survives on blood and killing innocent people.

Massacres committed by Zionists against unarmed people in Gaza using fatal and internationally banned weapons in order to exterminate all the Palestinian nation disregarding that these massacres will not generate a victory, will not defeat the determination of a resistant or the resistance of a nation raised to fight for its rights, and Gaza gives us the illustration and the example that should be memorized in minds and in the history and also in the records of the enemy that are filled up with massacres and slaughters.

A fresh bleeding sequence renewed with each explosion in which all civil and innocent people experience agony and death and pain.
It is the holocaust that took the life of many martyrs and damaged cities and villages and camps and houses till they all became tombs of their inhabitants.  

Each house in Gaza recites a story of pain and torture that none can even imagine whereas reality recites the misery differently.

Missiles and bombs demonstrate the racism of the colonizer and its wild blood-thirst, the colonizer did not only kill people and destroy houses but it further condoned bombing schools where civilians shelter from missiles and warplanes and bullets, it further bombs mosques and establishments and hospitals that are overcrowded by sick and wounded people, it even bombed cemeteries where only dead people lie.  

It is a programmed violation that shows no respect to human rights and human international law, shows no mercy to children and bereaved whines and widows moans.

This is the issue of the Palestinian nation, a case that derives its legitimacy from the fact that this land belongs to us and taht we are victims exterminated by the name of the injustice of the colonizer, a case that derives its legitimacy upon the pillars of the international law that insists on the right of Palestinians of freedom and the end of the occupation of their land.

But unfortunately the silence of the international community and human rights organizations and associations gives the colonizer more space to execute more massacres and slaughters whereas only civilians remain in the front lines to face killing and slaughtering, this silence itself is the leader to all of this drama.

By Mounir Saada, Gaza


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