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Nahida, Exiled Palestinian: Lullaby of Hope (Poem)

Let me run outside
Kiss a flower

Hug a tree
Follow my shadow
Till I am gone
I have seen too much
IMG_8260 copy 2
Let me escape
This world of lies
Embrace an angel

Hold a baby in my arms

Wash my soul

I have seen too much

.IMG_0709 copy

Let me chase a rainbow
Climb a mountain
Slide down a waterfall
Cover my eyes
Weep until tears no more
I have seen too much
Let me jump in the ocean

Pull out my heart

Shake it well, inside out

Scrap and polish until it glows
I have seen too much
Let me slay my own ogres
Ego and greed, arrogance and pride
Let me lay my head down
Humbly and pray
For I have seen too much
IMG_0955 copy
Remember soul, remember
The evil you see is not but a foaming froth
Passing away
Soon will be over, it will not last
Only truth, peace and beauty
Will remain
Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee living in exile for over 42 years. She was forced to leave her homeland, Palestine at the age of seven during the six-day war. She is a mathematician by profession. She has published two books- I Believe in Miracles, and Palestine, The True Story. Email: nahidaexiledpalestinian@gmail.

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