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Nahida Nizzat: Stone the Terrorist (Poem)

Stone the terrorist

Stone the terrorist

No one knows my real name

No one cared to ask

An alien entity… with lost identity

To some I’m the manifestation

Of the horror of the newspapers

The wicked one

Plotting with the axis of evil


To others I’m the one

Who ascended from the past’s graveyard

To drag humanity to the age

Of ignorance and darkness


In the eighties I was Khomeini

Then I became Qaddafi

In the nineties I was Saddam Hussein

Then I became Ben laden

Yesterday I was Nasrullah…

Today I am Ahmedinijad

Tomorrow who knows


But no one knows my real name

No one cared to ask


I am the suspect… the accused

The criminal… the illegal

The immoral… the uncivilised

The brainless…. the terrorist

The peace hater… the freedom loather

The democracy rejecter

To eliminate me is an honourable deed

For I am the human with no humanity


My crime is…



My sin is…



Do you know who I am?


I am a Palestinian Muslim

With a hijab on




Source: Nahida, Exiled Palestinian

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