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Press TV – Israeli Hostile and Racist Policies Complicate Two-State Solution – Ken O´Keefe, Adie Mormach, Kenneth Katzman

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The Western-supported two-state solution is in fact a two-state disaster as it relegates Palestinians to the state of inferiority next to a hostile, racist neighbor, says a prominent Irish-Palestinian peace activist.

The comments come as many countries, including Israel’s European allies such as France, the United Kingdom and Sweden, have censured a plan by the Tel Aviv regime to construct thousands more illegal settler units in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem). Also the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged the Tel Aviv regime on Friday to cancel the plan calling the decision “counterproductive.”

Press TV has talked with Ken O’Keefe, Irish-Palestinian citizen and activist from London to further discuss the issue at hand. He is joined by two additional guests: Adie Mormech, human rights activist from the Gaza Strip and Kenneth Katzman, advisor to the US Congress from Washington D.C. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Ken how are you assessing the decision that has been announced by the UK for one and now also France and Sweden, that they are summoning the Israeli ambassadors. Are they now going to take that unprecedented step of withdrawing their own ambassadors?

O’Keefe: Well, we have to understand that as human beings we all enter into relationships of trust. 03.39

It is trust that -relegates– humanity to a higher level than the rest of the life. It is the lack of trust that prevents us from being able to create a sane, just world.

The politicians of Europe and the Western world as a whole have been in a gross breach of trust for decades or centuries even, but certainly over the last several decades while Israel has run roughshod over its Palestinian population, it has continued to violate virtually every single international law that could be named, it has committed crimes against humanity, it has committed mass murder, it has violated human rights and tortured citizens of Palestine including youth.

It has done virtually everything that you can imagine and all the while those that have been in a position of trust as being, supposedly, representatives of Western citizens have breached the trust so grossly that they have allowed Israel to get away with bloody murder over and over and over again.

So when we talk about this paltry, little move, this …

Press TV: Ken O’Keefe would you say that this frustration is, actually, going to lead Washington to take action, however, on the ground when we are hearing the UN chief saying that this [creating more settlements in occupied lands] is illegal, that it is a fatal blow to peace.

When we are seeing all these countries, we are seeing the opposition, what type of action do you think is going to follow this frustration?

O’Keefe: Well, first I have to say that I believe Mr. Katzman [other guest of the show from Washington D.C.] would be an excellent spokesperson for the State Department. So he may not be representing them in an official capacity but what he has just said is effectively the same old drivel that has been talked about from the US government over and over again.

The negotiations are a farce and all of us know that. There is no negotiation between two people or two entities in which one is extremely powerful, backed by the most powerful nation of the world, heavily armed, able to get away with bloody murder over and over again and virtually does everything it wants.

It treats the Palestinians as subhumans and ultimately that is the position of the Palestinian negotiation team and never mind the fact that the Palestinian negotiation team has things like its taxes withheld if it does not toe the line and do exactly what a good little subhuman is supposed to do.

Effectively this is a ruse and we all know it, those of us who are paying attention, and ultimately the only thing that is ever going to make any difference is when the world actually holds their so-called politicians and representatives to account, because once again they have breached our trust.

You ask me what the EU can do? Stop trading with Israel to the tune of 25 billion Euros a year. Stop that right now, cutoff all the trade and I can assure you that Israel will stop its impunity right now.

It would be over with and done but the EU will not do that, the United States shamed itself and dishonored itself long ago including when Netanyahu [the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister] went to the Congress last year and received 29 standing ovations; you know why? Because the Congress is bought and paid for by a foreign entity and American citizens need to face up to the fact that your country was hijacked long ago, the enemy is well inside the gates.

Press TV: Netanyahu has said, in the face of these pressures, that Israel will carry on building in Jerusalem and in all the places on the map of Israel’s strategic interest; and I am quoting this here.

With these kinds of remarks being made, what are the hopes for negotiations to move forward and what is the obstacle?

O’Keefe: Selective memory and history at its best. The Oslo accord were a signed agreement in which the Palestinians gave up virtually everything in the early 90’s and what did the Israelis do? Well, they did what they do best; lie and violate the agreements just like the Americans did against the native Americans in the 1800’s.

I think that the Israelis were about a hundred years too late. They could have gotten away with this sort of stuff back in the 1800’s, but here we are in the 21st century and they are still treating the Palestinians as if they were nonhuman, subhuman.

You know, it makes me think about Malcolm X. When Malcolm X’s family was parceled off and his mother was taken away from all the kids and Malcolm went to a little school with a white teacher and he was the only black kid in the class and when he told that teacher that he wanted to be a lawyer, the teacher told him to be a good nigger and to know his place and get a real job like janitor or something like that, which was appropriate for a nigger, and that is exactly the way that Jews in Israel have treated the Palestinians for decades.

How is it possible to be able to negotiate with somebody and actually live peacefully in a just environment when you are dealing with that kind of racism and let us be honest about it here; the Jewish supremacist state of Israel is treating the Palestinians as if they do not even exist, as if they are not even to be considered.

So do not talk about agreements being made with the Israelis and that the poor Israelis do not have a partner in peace!

The Palestinians have been victimized for decade after decade and it is the Jewish state of Israel that has, through propaganda, the ability to continuously portray itself as the victim, when in fact it is the criminal.

And this is the problem and frankfully, the international community when my brother in Gaza [other guest of the program Adie Mormech] talks about international community, let us be clear; the international community, the true one, is totally different from the politicians who are nothing more than puppets, who have breached their position of trust.

The international community has long since been sick of US imperialism and Israeli racism.

Press TV: Ken, some people have been saying that following this eight-day war [on Gaza] and especially after the UN statehood bid for Palestine, equations are changing; especially since international pressures are also increasing on Israel.

Do you think that the things are changing?

O’Keefe: Well, there is no question about it. The CIA came out with a report saying Israel will not exist within 20 years, even [Henry Alfred] Kissinger said so and he is absolutely right.

The Israeli state is in its dying days just like the apartheid regime [in south Africa] was and the fact is that the so-called two-state solution is supported by every Western puppet who has supported these Israeli aggressions, crimes against humanity for decade after decade.


Source: Press TV

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