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Richard Silverstein: Anti-Jihadi Video, Textbook Case for Destroying Relations with Muslim Nations

While the murder of four U.S. embassy personnel in Libya is a heinous act, the lead-up to the act and what promises to be a grisly response to it offers a textbook example of how NOT to conduct relations between the west and Muslim nations. First, a bunch of lunkhead idiot anti-jihadis (you just gotta believe Pam Geller, David Horowitz and Robert Spencer were involved in some way) made one of the lamest works in the history of agitprop filmmaking. No one took it seriously. Why should they? Lousy production values, wacky extremist views. Who’ll pay attention?

Let me put it to you another way. Ever watch one of Ayman al- Zawahari’s propaganda videos? Lousy production values, wacky extremist views. Does the west pay attention? You bet we do. So if we take serious umbrage at the Islamist lunatics and their statements, why would we think Muslims wouldn’t do the same regarding OUR lunatics?

U.S. intelligence tracks the jihadis precisely and minutely. Does it do the same for anti-jihadis like the ones who produced this film swill? In case you’re still wondering why this is important–if you think it’s important to be warned when al Qaeda is making a major statement why wouldn’t you think it would be important when anti-jihadis are going to foment rioting throughout the Arab world?

Further, if we do our best to sabotage al Qaeda, even when its members aren’t armed or preparing any terror attack, even when they’re American citizens, why shouldn’t we exert even half that diligence to subvert the agenda of these nuts? To be clear, I’m not just talking about Sam Bacile or whatever his real name is. He’s the tip of the iceberg. I include in this fetid stew incendarists like Geller, Horowitz, Pipes, Wilder, Spencer and others.

We killed Anwar al-Awlaki even though he was a poster-boy for al Qaeda and not directly involved in terror attacks. We killed an accomplice who merely published an al Qaeda propaganda magazine. Yet what do we do to the anti-jihadi enablers? They jet around the world unheeded. They fund the most vile anti-Muslim propaganda. Horowitz and Pipes even poured huge sums (that he received from billionaire Aubrey Chernick?) into Wilder’s far-right political movement. What are we waiting for? For Wilders to become prime minister of Holland and forcibly exile all of its Muslim citizens? How much hate and violence do you think that might generate in the Muslim world toward us?

These ostensibly non-profit groups pump money into the anti-jihadi equivalent of the Islamist caliphate, all the while making U.S. taxpayers subsidize their fulminations. When will the administration go after those who directly or indirectly foment violence around the world? Do I believe David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes want to foment holy war between the west and Islam? Probably not. But are they unhappy with the results of their labors and those of idiots like “Sam Bacile” when embassies are burned and diplomats murdered? Not on your life. To them it’s the wake up call to the west to finally extirpate the filth of Islam.

You don’t have to directly and knowingly engage in violence to commit a crime. Get the Justice Department and IRS agents off their asses and investigating this mess before you have not two Muslims countries, but twenty gunning for us.

Finally, the weapon and response of choice for this U.S. administration seems to be sending a drone down the throats of any Muslims who hate us. So expect Libya to be swarming with them over the coming weeks and months. Expect also that they will engender the same rage they do in all the other Muslim states where they operate: Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, etc.


Source: Richard Silverstein

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