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Roi Tov: Obama Produces Evidence

It is difficult to remember a justification for saluting a Western Parliament. Organizations claiming to have the right to attack worldwide without any justifications while denying the right of defense from others are unlikely to be considered legitimate by civilized people.

Yet, on August 29, 2013, the British Parliament rightly earned a salute when rejecting a Government-backed attack on the Syrian people.

British Prime Minister Cameron lost by 13 votes a motion urging an international response to a chemical weapons strike attributed without any credible evidence by the United States on Syria.

The British aren't coming!

The British aren't coming!
Survival in the Killing Fields

Common sense still exists in the Kingdom by the Sea.

Brutal Start

War against Syria built on a lie

War against Syria built on a lie
Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare

Before reaching the issue of false evidence, allow me a brutal start.

The most bestial attack with weapons of mass destruction was conducted by the USA Government on Japan, when it dropped two atomic bombs on civilians.*

In contrast to much of the events described in this article, this is a fact acknowledged by the perpetrators themselves. The event transcends the boundaries of War Crimes and can be defined as Crimes against Humanity. It was a literal Holocaust.

Mr Obama, you and your people have no legitimacy to speak about the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

You don't have the legitimacy now, and you will not have it in a thousand years from now. You will not have legitimacy even in a million years. May your victims rest in peace.

Paragon of Injustice

For no reason other than its military brutality, the USA had proclaimed itself as having jurisdiction over all other people on this planet. The American endless wars are a horrific evidence of this. Invariably, the USA Government claims to be promoting Democracy and Freedom through the hair-crosses of its weapons of mass destruction. How noble!

Since you—my loyal reader—can't spend the entire day on this article, let me respect your time by mentioning just two opposite examples.

One of the most brutal regimes in human history was Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. I have seen its killing fields, its blackened temples, its piles of broken skulls. The USA promoted neither freedom nor democracy there. Simply, Cambodia lacks mineral resources,** thus it doesn't matter.

Only yesterday, I commented on the dramatic end of a political-terror standoff at the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz. Also in this case, the USA cares neither about freedom nor democracy, but now for the opposite reason: Bolivia is an important unofficial provider of "special sugar." "God bless their crimes!" is the American Administration answer, amid greedy sniffs of the white gold.

Even inwards, the USA doesn't rate as a Democracy; rigged elections+ are just the tip of an ugly iceberg. American justice is based on economic interests, and thus is void of value.

British Parliament Says NO! to the American Wars

British Parliament Says NO! to the American Wars+

Did you know? Prison America


Ev·i·dence [noun] 1: False claim made by a government.

In one of the most shameful moments of the USA, its Secretary of State Colin L. Powell lied to the United Nations during an infamous presentation in February 2003. He offered false audio intercepts, photographs and testimony from anonymous witnesses as proof that Hussein was developing chemical, biological and, perhaps, even nuclear weapons, despite evidence to the contrary offered by U.N. investigators.

One month later, the USA invaded Iraq, backed mainly by the UK.

Soon afterwards, the American lie collapsed. Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were a fairy tale designed to coerce public opinion for the glory of America's oil-interests. Neither Powell nor President Bush had faced international justice for the crime.

British involvement was opposed in Britain, leading to the defeat of the Labor Party and Cameron's victory. Yet, he learned nothing, in 2013, he wants to attack Syria. Let's look at an opposite case.

On December 5, 2012, news networks showed footage from the Iranian television; at its center was a captured US ScanEagle drone. The feat had been performed by Iran's Revolutionary Guards; some of them were happily chatting next to the contraption.

US ScanEagle on catapult

US ScanEagle on catapult

On December 2011, Israel's Military Intelligence (AMAN) reported that Iran hit an American satellite; shortly after, Iran captured an RQ-170 Sentinel drone, which belongs to the top echelon of American drones. This was acknowledged by the USA, to the extent that President Obama unsuccessfully asked for it to be returned.

These events show that Iran's technological capability allows the capture of a much inferior device like the ScanEagle, a low-cost, short-range unmanned aircraft made by Boeing.

A spokesman for the US Fifth Fleet based in the Gulf claimed on the same reports that none of its drones was missing. Shortly after, one of the White House spokesmen said, "there is no evidence" that the Iranian claim was true. Turning around slowly, the camera showed the public. Most reporters were unable to disguise their disbelief.

Come on, mighty America, first you violate humanity, and then you insult its intelligence? That's not nice! Iran had more evidence on your drones than you ever had on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction!

The American Government claims that whatever it says is true, despite evidence showing the opposite. On the other hand, it claims that proper evidence presented by other parties is false. This is called demagogy.

Blood-Stained Hands

A few days ago, I reported an American Attack on Syria Announced by Israel. Israel is pushing around propaganda claiming that Syria had used chemical weapons.

Yet it is against British common sense that Syria would behave like that, after all, then they would became a legitimate military target of the West. Why would Bashar al-Assad give legitimacy to terror?

The most probable perpetrators are the Israel- and USA-backed mercenaries attacking Syria in an attempt to provide an excuse for the West to attack directly. USA and Israel had failed to provide evidence that this is not the case. On the contrary, all evidence shows that the USA is trying to force an excuse for yet another illegitimate attack on humanity.

Mr. Obama, as stated before, you should be very quiet on the topic of weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Obama, you have no right to impose your rigged democracy on others.

Mr. Obama, you have no right to impose your vicious violence, void values, and crooked laws on others.

Especially so, when the only way you know how to achieve that is brute force, threat, and lies.

Your conscience may be clear—if you worship a false idol—but your hands are stained with the crying blood of innocents.


Source: Roi Tov

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