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RT: Gaza Under Israeli Attack – Live Updates

Smoke rises following an Israeli air strike in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, on November 14, 2012. (AFP Photo / Said Khatib)

­18:55 GMT: The IDF has said Israel is preparing for a ground operation into Gaza, according to Israeli media reports.

­18:48 GMT: Israeli army has reported a rocket from Gaza has hit a shopping center in a southern Israeli city, reports AlJazeera.

­18:40 GMT: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, calls for end to violence in Gaza, according to reports.

­18:34 GMT: Egypt's president orders UN representative to call for emergency security council meeting over Israel Gaza strikes, spokesman says, according to Egyptian state TV.

­18:27 GMT: Egypt has decided to withdraw its ambassador to Israel, according to Sky News Arabia.

­18:22 GMT: Jimmy Carter: “Both sides should cease all hostilities; Israel should end iblockade of Gaza", according to Haaretz chief US correspondent.

­18:20 GMT: People in Gaza describe how ships have been shelling the ground, they can hear bombs dropping, F16s flying above them all day & drones buzzing overhead, according to tweets from inside Gaza.

­18:15 GMT: Hamas has announced a state of emergency in Gaza, and evacuated all its security buildings, according to bloggers in Gaza.

­18:10 GMT: At least 3 children killed in Gaza so far, according to tweets from inside Gaza.

­18:06 GMT: Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Grad rocket toward Dimona Wednesday night, Channel 2 reported. No injuries or damages were reported from the attack. It was not immediately clear where the rocket struck, according to the Jerusalem Post.

­18:00 GMT: Palestinians in Gaza fired two rockets in the Eshkol region of southern Israel Wednesday night. The rockets exploded in open areas and no injuries or damages were reported, according to AP.

­17:58 GMT: Israeli Defence Minster Ehud Barak says "We are at the start of the action, not the end. But in the long term, this military action will restore calm" according to the Jerusalem Post.

­17:54 GMT: Israeli prime minister says military is `prepared to expand' Gaza operation, according to AP.

­17:45 GMT: Health minister says 10 people killed in 20 airstrikes on Gaza Strip today, including 2 young children according to AP.

­17:40 GMT:"Israel's goal is to achieve a long-term ceasefire with Egyptian mediation. IDF will continue to pound Gaza until such a truce is reached" says Volunteers for Israel, a charity that connects Israel and the USA.

­17:35 GMT: Israeli Navy has struck terror sites in the Gaza Strip according to an IDF spokesman.

­17:30 GMT: Medics in Gaza report more than 30 injuries in the last attack on Tal Al-Hawa most of whom are kids and women, according to tweets from inside Gaza.

­17:27 GMT: The Iron Dome rocket defense system successfully intercepted a total of 15 rockets on Wednesday evening, Israeli's Channel 2 reported.

­17:24 GMT: Six rockets from the Gaza strip hurled toward Beersheba on Wednesday evening, Army Radio and Jerusalem Post staff reported.

Palestinian youths evacuate an elderly man following an Israeli air strike on November 14, 2012 in Gaza City. (AFP Photo/Mohammed Abed)

­17:20 GMT: the IDF has warned Hamas leaders not to show their faces above ground in the days ahead.

­17:15 GMT: Defense Minister Ehud Barak has declared a special situation in all Israeli territory, covering all Israeli cities up to a radius of 40 kilometers around the Gaza Strip.

­17:04 GMT: PM Netanyahu & Defense Minister Barak to make a joint statement statement to the Israeli public at 2030.

­16:56 GMT: Pentagon: "We stand by our Israeli partners in their right to defend themselves against terrorism”, news agencies report.

­16:45 GMT: Big explosion near home of Hamas leader, Mahmoud Zahar according to Al Arabiya correspondent.

­16:40 GMT: Israel has carried out 2 new bombing raids in the Tel el-Hawa and Zetun districts of Gaza city, according to bloggers in Gaza.

16:38 GMT: UN Chief Ban Ki-moon reiterates call for de-escalation of tensions in Gaza on both sides, spokesman says.

­16:32 GMT: Palestinian President Abbas calls for urgent Arab League meeting after Israeli strike on Gaza according to Alarabiya.

­16:30 GMT: Britain has called for restraint after Israeli strike on Gaza, saying that further violence was in no one's interests according to Al Arabiya.

­16:25 GMT: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says it "will not allow the Palestinians to be subjected to Israeli aggression".

­16:24 GMT: Israel confirms 10 dead in Gaza, reports say.

16:21 GMT: Medical sources in Gaza saying at least 9 dead and 20 wounded.

Palestinians stand next to wounded children at a hospital after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City November 14, 2012. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

­16:15 GMT: Hamas official: Israel will 'pay a price for this cowardly assassination'.

16:12 GMT: Egypt's FM condemns Israeli strikes on Gaza, and urges Israel to end attacks immediately acording to Al Arabiya.

16:11 GMT: Egypt recalling ambassador to Israel. MB asking to review relationship with Israel, according to blogger Gaza Under Attack.

­16:00 GMT: IDF issues draft orders for Israeli Homefront Command reserve soldiers, according to Haaretz.

15:50 GMT: Haaretz reports that the IDF has hit Rafah again, with the IDF claiming that the strike killed "two terrorists" riding on motorcycles.

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip November 14, 2012. (Reuters / Amir Cohen)

Palestinian medics wheel a wounded boy into the al-shifa hospital in Gaza City following an Israeli air strike on November 14, 2012. (AFP Photo/Mahmud Hams)

­15:42 GMT: 7 year old Raneen Arafat killed says Al Shifa Hospita, Gaza, according to Palestinian activists.

­15:40 GMT: Israel Announces Gaza Invasion Via Twitter, Marks the first time a military campaign goes public via tweet, according to the fast company online magazine.

­15:35 GMT: The Israeli army plans to persist with a land and air military operation targeting 'all militants' in Gaza for 72 hours, al-Mayadeen.

­15:34 GMT: Iran Condemns Israel's Fresh Strikes on Gaza – Fars News Agency.

­15:32 GMT: Israel starts emergency call up of reservists, says they're prepared for ground invasion of Gaza.

­15:30 GMT: Palestinian health ministry in Gaza announces death toll so far is 9, including, at least, one kid.

­15:25 GMT: Israeli military starts emergency call up of reservists while saying they are prepared for a ground invasion of Gaza.

15:20 GMT: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls on Egypt's president to review its relations with Israel following Israel's airstrikes on Gaza

15:15 GMT: Hamas says Israeli Prime Minister Nyetanyahu 'will regret this operation' as Israeli jets bomb over 20 sites in Gaza.

15:03 GMT :Netanyahu officially announces the military operation against the Palestinian military parties in Gaza

15:01 GMT: Hamas spokesman: "Netanyahu can kill Palestinians but struggle against occupation will continue"

­15:00 GMT: Netanyahu: The world must understand that Israel has the right and a total obligation to defend its citizens

14:58 GMT: The IDF has seriously damaged Hamas' long-range missile capabilities (40 km/25 mi range) & underground weapons storage facilities.

14:55 GMT: All options are on the table. If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza.

14:53 GMT: IDF is moving army brigades to the South to prepare for a ground assault. Home Front Command meeting for possible attack on Tel Aviv

14:50 GMT: IDF declare the onset of a wide scale air, maritime and land military operation against Gaza.

14:47 GMT: Killing of top Hamas Ahmed Jabari brings Hamas into open war with Israel.

14:40 GMT: The death toll from the Israeli strikes on Gaza has risen to nine.

Palestinian security forces wheel into a hospital the body of Ahmaed Jaabari, head of the military wing of the Hamas movement, the Ezzedin Qassam Brigades, after the car he was riding was hit by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on November 14, 2012. (Reuters /Mohammed Abed)

14:40 GMT: Explosions rock Gaza as Israeli jets bomb Hamas positions, our correspondent reports.

14:35 GMT: Dozens of injuries in a strike on a HOUSE that belongs to Arafat family. Ambulances haven't arrived there yet.

Palestinian youths look inside a building where the body of Ahmaed Jaabari, head of the military wing of the Hamas movement, the Ezzedin Qassam Brigades, was brought to after the car he was riding was hit by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on November 14, 2012. (Reuters / Mohammed Abed)

14:20 GMT: Many of the buildings in the downtown Gaza city are on fire after being attacked by Israeli warplanes, RT`s Arabic correspondent Saed Swerky reports in his Twitter.

13:45 GMT:

The IDF stated on its website that it has launched a

"widespread campaign on terror sites and operatives in the Gaza Strip"

and Jabari was its first target. He's the highest ranking Hamas official to be killed since 2009, when Israel conducted ground offensive against Gaza.

13:35 GMT: The crackdown follows the recent escalation of violence in the region. The conflict broke out last week when Palestinian militants attacked at an Israeli military jeep.

Israel responded with retaliatory attacks, to which the Gaza Strip replied with heavy rocket fire at southern Israel.

13:30 GMT: Jabari was traveling in his vehicle in Gaza City when his car was struck.

A Hamas policeman checks a destroyed car of Hamas's military chief following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City November 14, 2012. (Reuters / Mohammed Salem)

13:25 GMT: The head of Hamas’ military wing, Ahmed Jabari, has been killed in an Israeli airstrike, both Hamas and Israel confirm, as the IDF announces a widespread campaign on “terror targets” and begins bombing the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian firefighters extinguish fire from the car of Ahmaed Jaabari, head of the military wing of the Hamas movement, the Ezzedin Qassam Brigades, after it was hit by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on November 14, 2012. (AFP Photo / Mahmud Hams
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