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Storify: There Comes a Rocket From Gaza?!

And now what you didn't read….. The Facts!

  1. So you read or heard about a home cooked flare from Gaza?

    Now the facts you did not read in your media:

    All attacks on Palestine by navy, army, land, sea, air, airplanes, remote drones, tanks, police, undercover forces, and even by radical illegal colonists. All Attacks since Jan 2011:

  2. Regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza Yousef Munayyer of the Jerusalem fund made a very clear analysis between the facts of Palestinian projectile launches and Israeli aggression which trigger those. (Not the other way around)


  3. The picture that emerges from data of 2011 can be summed up as follows:

    1) the bulk of projectile fire from Gaza occurs as part of peaks or periodic spikes.
    2) These spikes are invariably preceded by significant Palestinian causalities caused by Israeli fire.
    3) Not all dramatic spikes in Palestinian casualties result in increased projectile fire from Gaza.

  4. For the full analysis of his graph read the next post

  5. The graph of similar data for the year 2012

  6. The dynamics of cross-border fire in 2011 and demonstrated two important facts:

    1) Israeli continues to inflict exponentially greater causalities against Palestinians than the reverse
    2) Palestinian projectiles are largely generated as a response to Israeli strikes

    Read the full analysis of the graph and facts in the following post by Yousef Munayyer:


  8. The below overview gives you a very clear summary of the first 3 months of 2012. In less than these 3 months, over a 1000 Israeli attacks were recorded in Gaza as well as the West Bank, To be very clear, all attacks have been linked to the resources as well as possible footage or video for your examination and evaluation.

    It is very important to state, that the West Bank suffers a high attack rate not only by the Israeli army but illegal colonists as well while in West Bank not resistance fires no rockets at all

  9. But first it is very impotant to understand facts like history. Who detonated and introduced terrorism and the first bomb ever in Palestine:

  10. And the event that started: "Zionist Terrorism"

  11. And how Palestine was "sold out"

  12. Where the roots of zionism started

  13. Zionism, is older than the "State of Israel". Real Judaism is fighting it for over 130 years now. Read a 130 year record of religious Jewish opposition against zionism:

  14. Real smart (Jewish) Albert Einstein knew. And warned the world with his letter to the world about facism and zionism in "Israel"

  15. For the sceptics among you: Here are the microfilms of the letter of Albert Einstein as it was published by the New York Times on Dec 4, 1948

  16. And his other letter. An answer to the Stern Terror Gang as it asked him to fundraise for Israel in the United States of America

  17. But US government is keeping the facts from the people. Playing ignorant serving Israel and silencing while the power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as Americans pay the price while funding genocide with their hard earned cash dollars and another price of collective stupidity which is funneled up by corrupt governments' silence of the facts.. which they know too well:

  18. Look how "Israel's" firster thinks about Americans and their opinion or vision on that one!

  19. History, facts, distorted and manipulated, even altered, so just let's behold some facts. The real cost of human lives which has 2 sides:
    – Death due to violent aggression
    – Death due to passive aggression (so called avoidable mortality)

    Beware of zionist tendency and manipulated media, to only display the "damage" of confirmed "hit & kill".. the so called "Body-Count" for this is only a very small part of the total of victims due to zionist policies to kill and ethnically cleanse.

    In 2011 only, over 242 people were slained by Israel in direct violence. The names of the martyrs and their stories. All 242 and the list is continuously updated as new victims fall sometimes daily or more a day:

  20. And since the year 2000 over 1472 children were slained, read their names and stories on Remember These Children. A memorial for the children of Palestine which is also continuously updated by the admin of the website:

  21. And even today, still is continuing this ongoing massacre by attacking Palestine daily as can been seen in the timeline and overview (with resources, links and facts) as displayed below

  22. Silenced for the world, but every day even fishermen are under attack on sea, while working to catch fish INSIDE the unilateral by Israel imposed 3 Nautical Mile zone of so called regional Gaza waterss. Even there they are not even safe to catch food.

  23. Or watch it happening in pictures: Fishermen under attack by the Israeli Navy

  24. Journalism died. For it totally has overseen (or not??) the daily attacks by radical settlers, illegally colonizing the west bank of Palestine and ransacking homes, looting, destroying, attacking property and Palestinians and more. Arab media covered over 870 incidents only in 2011, how many did you actually see in your newspaper? So.. the news which didn't reach your headlines: All Colonial terrorism, ransacking and even murders:

  25. You only hear of violence by Israel whenever someone from the "West" by "accident" has become a victim from the terror which is common and daily reality for every Palestinian. Only in this case the media wakes up.

    Like recently American photojournalist Lynsey Addario, 7 months pregnant, was forced to go through X-ray machine 3times at Erez Checkpoint. That hit media!

    But no word at all about deaths at a checkpoint.

    35 babies died because Israel did not allow the pregnant mother to go to a hospital.
    18.000 women a year develop complications in their pregnancy for the same reason. Read it all:

  26. Women Forced to go into Labor at Checkpoints as Israelis Deny Women Access to Hospitals, Clinics and deliver their baby in the soil or on the street, refused medical aid, assistance and as in above cases, loose their child or even their own lives.

  27. Need more facts? Just watch a video and see it happening:

  28. Obstruction to medical aid or infringement of aid cost many lives in Palestine: (This list only displays the direct reported effects of death by policies or denial to healthcare, while te real avoidable mortality rate due to deliberate deprivation of basic needs is much higher.)

  29. For a comparision: During the Holocaust 1 in 6 Jewish people died due to deliberate deprivation of Nazi policies, causing death of 1 million Jewish people. A warcrime. Remembered every year. And this is justified to remember people which are slain in the awful Nazi war

    Aside from the number of deaths in Palestine, it is widely silenced that Israel not only in Palestine cause many deaths, but also in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and beyond.

    From 1967-2005 0,5 Million Palestinians died due to all other factors causing avoidable mortality or so called excess death

  30. If you have no idea about the effects of deprivation of healthcare meet "Baby Firas"

  31. 0likes



  32. Or meet the latest victim of Israel's deliberate deprivation "methods". Killing ill people by letting them wait til death on a permt to leave for medical care: Seven month old baby Adham Baroud from Gaza.

  33. Or read about the effects of cuts of electricity for example for patients in need of dialysis:

  34. At the time of the article above, 164 patients. At the moment 450 lives of dialysis patients are continuously in danger due to infringement of medical care or lack of filters which are prevented from entering Gaza due to Israeli policies.

    A dialysis filter cost 12,60$. But in Gaza lives are cheap as it seems. Because denying filters kills slowly and contributes to the master plan: Ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

  35. Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.


    As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”.

    Israel disregards these whole laws and moral duties and puts itself above every law (with worlds silence and actually complicity)

  36. That is is deliberate targeted to Palestinians may be proven by the fact that Israel donates streetlights to African countries to prevent traffic deaths, but demolishes 'Imneizil's (by Spain funded) solar systems which also provide the hospital, schools and the whole village of basic electricity needs:

  37. Israel floods dams deliberately in Gaza, or deprives Gaza of repair materials for the aquifier (which also not works without power by the way) Causing only 5% of the water is fit to drink.
    A fact which is known by world authorities on WHO since 2006.

  38. Water-borne diseases cause 26 %of Illnesses

  39. "Israel" has become exactly that, and worse… as those it feared and hated once themselves
    You make the comparision and decide for yourself:

  40. Or worse. Killing unborn at checkpoints by policies is not the only appaling policy. It even kills life before it is born and "shows off" this zionism sickness with PRIDE as well!

    No need to discuss the pictures included in belows link.

    Meet Israel. The real Israel. Their own "trophy pictures"
    The new and silenced Abu Ghraib

  41. Israel is laying an illegal siege on Gaza, and even has policies to near starvation which it tried to prevent from leaking out by going to Supreme Court to prevent exposure of the documents about the nazi like concentration-camp starvation policies:

  42. Forcing people (like in many if not all wars) to smuggle:
    Since 2006 over 160 Palestinians have died in tunnels which cost many lives.

  43. Aside of killing policies we neither need to discuss "assassinations" of course they are deliberate targeting of human lives:

  44. Only to create the "State of Israel" over 77 massacres were committed: Here's a list:

  45. Daily genocide by violence, or passive, as Israel's weapons and substances like depleted uranium, DIME, white phosphorus keep killing also after they were thrown:

    It was not covered in your media. Not much to read, but you can watch the images here:

  46. Silenced… like the December 2011 massacres on Gaza:

  47. Silenced by media, not condemned by governments like the Sept-Oct 2011 Massacre on Gaza

  48. Silenced still.. .the August 2011 onslaught on Gaza:

  49. Retaliation for something Palestine NEVER DID: Israel admits hiding the evidence:

  50. Only during Cast Lead war in Gaza, Israel:
    – Killed over 1500 people of which 352 children
    – Wounded or handicapped over 5000 people
    – Destroyed over 25.000 structures

    …………. ………………………………………………in just 22 days time from dec 2008-jan 2009

  51. The Cast Lead Massacre on Gaza – An Offensive in Numbers – Al Mezan – Report

  52. Israel having cruel policies when not kill, to cripple. Literally… breaking bones & law with their own hands: Rabin's Herecy since the First Intifada: The Breaking Bones policy:

  53. Slow death' [is] the Israeli system for exterminating (mainly political) prisoners

  54. More than 200 Palestinians died in Israeli prisons due to the illegal Israeli policies of medical negligence since Israel occupied the rest of Palestine in 1967. Several Palestinians were shot and killed by the arresting soldiers and officers. Or deprived of healthcare to which even Israel is committed by International Law as well as is rooted in their own legal system not to discriminate.

    Basic needs are human rights entitled for any human being.. yet:

  55. Since the beginning of the Occupation in 1967, over 50,000 Palestinians have been arrested by Israel. Almost 95% of them have been subjected to some form of torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

    Since 1967, over 105 documented torture techniques have been used by Israel. At least 66 Palestinians have been tortured to death. Even children….

    7,000 is the estimated number of Palestinian children detained and prosecuted in Israeli military courts since 2000, shows a report by Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP)

    87%Children subjected to some form of physical violence while in custody.
    91% – Believed to be blindfolded at some point during their detention.
    12 %The minimum age of criminal responsibility, as stipulated in the Military Order 1651.
    62% – The percentage of children arrested between 12am and 5am.

  56. Since 1967, over 105 documented torture techniques have been used by Israel. At least 66 Palestinians have been tortured to death.

  57. Israel itself adopted by enactment in March 2011 a mine clearance law, but only valid as it seems for Israeli grounds, for Golan is still paved and remaing 1 million personell mines stay in the soil of Palestinian occupied teritories

    Those mines costed only for example in Golan (by Israel occupied Syria) 16 deaths

  58. Many more deaths Israel caused by the left behind in for example Lebanon

  59. Unexploded ordinances, also are a common (!) danger throughout Palestine, where daily invasions of Israeli forces often result in explosives, ordinances and tank shells that are (deliberately) left behind.

    It is often children who are the victims of these unexploded ordinances, as they are naturally curious and drawn to the strange objects left by the army.

  60. Not to forget, the kind of weapons Israel uses: White Phosphorus, GBU-39 Bunker Busters with 75kg depleted uranium each, DIME, toxic, and other chemical warfare like CS gas (which killed the first protester of the year 2011: Jawaher Abu Rahma on Jan 1 2011)

  61. More footage of Israel's arsenal of weaponry

  62. As you can read in the previous post these weapons not only kill instantly but also have long term risk effects for health, can cause diseases and/or death in the end.

    So you only read melodramatic stories about home made unguided firecrackers flying from Gaza, zionism magnifying the flares untill the average ignorant thinks we're talking 12 meter high nuclear head detonation (chemical nuclear or toxic) loaded warhead carrrying long range missiles.

    While in fact, the TENS OF THOUSANDS ROCKETS which are allegedly "launched" by Gaza are non detonating, non guided and seldom hit any target at all regarding the alleged number of "rockets" we can easily state it is more a matter of high unlikely a Gaza rocket hits anything at all even more unlikely the chances it will kill.

    Total Deaths from Qassams and mortars within Israel as from 2001 according to the "Israel Project": 21 in 11 years time.

  63. So let's behold, the tens of thousands rockets which allegedly were launched: They killed 21 people if internationals counted as well, including Palestinians the total is 29. 29 death from 11's of thousands of rockets, and 29 too many too.

    Only(!) during the war 2008-2009, Gaza police have put the weight of weapons dropped on the Strip by Israel during the war two years ago at over 3000 tons.

    Tahseen Saad, head of the police force’s explosives engineering unit, indicated that a lot of the weapons used were illegal under international law. Occupation forces used different types of bombs with the most significant ones weighing between 150 – 500 Kg. Most controversial weapons were/are used including white phosphorous bombs which are illegal to use in populated areas.

    Furtheron Israel used an assortment of missiles, such as anti-tank guided missiles, against civilians and their vehicles. Israeli army used bombs that dispersed red smoke made up of explosives and tungsten. When the bomb is dropped it sprayed a liquid which creates fog and in less than a second it disappears and the bomb explodes.

    Reminder that Israel also murders people in Gaza by remote control: Israel’s video game killing technology . These drones which fly 24/7 365 days a year over Gaza/West Bank as well for several purposes like espionage, surveillance but also precise and remote "liquidation"

  64. The effect of the weapons is not limited to killing. Weapons containing materials that are forbidden under international accords, such as phosphorous, tungsten and uranium, spread cancer in the targeted population, destroy nature and cause terrible burns and amputations.

    Some of the consequences, like foetal abnormalities, are not immediately apparent.
    So next time you see Israel telling, they had another rocket "attack" remember it has the most advanced Iron Dome system which indeed intercepts missiles if there are any REAL ones.

    Remember also. Gaza… does have no dome at all. No iron dome, and no dome of Human Rights.

    It is indiscriminately bombed by F16's, surveilled and attacked by drones, shelled by tanks, shelled & bombed by navy ships, from coast or at sea, and invasions on the land occur almost daily.

    All the above is just a fraction of aggression regarding to the presumptions about the so called waves of rockets from Gaza and to put this into a more realistic perspective.

    This is by no means a complete overview and this list can be made exhausting if we go name all passive and direct aggression, oppression in any way imaginable which Israel or it's settlers impose on Palestinians.

    For who does still not understand the (need or concept of) resistance of Palestine recommended read:

  65. And how did you call resistance of World War II again. Oh yes, heroes. Well read something about the heroes of Palestine:

  66. The Palestinian Right of Self-Defense against this disproportional power and agression of " Israel" is anchored in International Law

  67. The average civilian in Palestine has no more of self defense than a stone.

    A stone he or she can throw is all that is left to defend. 24 Years ago Palestinians massively engaged in civil disobedience and we're heavily suppressed, which happens even today.


  68. And what happened 24 years ago, still happens today. As Palestinians protest. Unarmed civilians, non-violent, while Israel turns even every non violent demo into violence itself and even kills protesters who do not throw stones at all. Like Mustafa Tamimi. Who was shot in the head:

  69. 24 Years later Palestinians living under occupation for 64 years now, still only have a stone, and some flares while the daily disproportional violence and aggression of the occupier, the collective punishment and the daily oppression, exiling is influencing 11,2 Million Lives in Palestine but most still outside, unable to return to their home.

    While all suffer countless other (silence) passive aggression aside from the violent ones mentioned above… every single day of their lives. That is reality in Palestine.

    While International Law – Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

    UDHR Art 13(1)
    "Everyone has the right 2 freedom of movement & residence within the borders of each state"

    UDHR Art 13(2)
    " Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country"

    UDHR 17:(2)
    "No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property."

    UDHR 20(1)
    "Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association."

    UDHR 20(2)
    "No one may be compelled to belong to an association."

    UDHR Art 9:
    "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile"

    UDHR Art 5:
    "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

    UDHR Art 3:
    "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person

    UDHR 15:1
    "Everyone has the right to a nationality"

    All of the Human Rights above, are not valid in Palestine. Just because Israel unilateral decided Palestinians have no rights at all, of no kind at all. Even when this means they pretend to be a Jewish state, violating not even international law, regulations, but also every divine law.

    Witness occupation by Israel, with your own eyes:

  70. Or watch the FACTS in PHOTOS

  71. Or actually, you need only 1 picture, explaining all (From blogpost at +972 Magazine)

  72. occupiedpalestine's Twitter Photo

  73. And here is how 'scared' people in Israel are when they are incited and ordered to 'hit' the shelters:

  74. The photo was published by +972 Magazine and part of the article below, to read the full report, read:


  76. Understand: Israel is even uses "ethnic photoshopping" pictures to ensure the empathy for the "jewish victimhood":
    On the left a photo of a woman allegedly Jewish, produced by israeli hasbara from the right picture (the original) an Asian woman in a shelter: (Even ethnic cleansing pictures….) The left image was used in Israeli media, the right photo (the original) available in the photo databases all over online.

    The picture on the right is an original by Getty Images.

  77. occupiedpalestine's Twitter Photo

    Source: Storify

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