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What a Mad Movement – Palestinian SOLIDARITY Movement????

Read below the open letter of Gilad Atzmon to Ali Abunimah who just launched an obviously "Palestinians Only" statement against racism and bigotry. I received this letter from Gilad Atzmon who is actually on the road and not able to publish it himself.

I am wondering now, whether my Palestinian German kids could sign this "petition"? What are the criteria by which is decided who is "Palestinian"?

When are we going to act as one voice? Not as Jews Only or Palestinians Only Clubs – when are we going to create the "Everybody Is Welcome" movement?

Gabi Weber



In the spirit of the ‘Jews only’ tradition inherent to Zionism, Israel and even the Jewish left, a bunch of Palestinian prominent activists last night signed a ‘Palestinian only’ declaration of both the necessary and the obvious.


An open letter to Ali Abunimah & Co


Your recent Palestinian declaration stands firmly against racism and bigotry – well done!

Considering my relentless efforts against Jewish racism, and bearing in mind the fact that both my parents hold British Mandate Palestinian birth certificates and that I define myself as a ‘Hebrew-Speaking Palestinian’, I ask that you add me to your ‘Palestinian-only’ list.

Such a move can only serve to demonstrate that, unlike ‘Jews Only’ organisations, you really are pluralist, diverse, inclusive and genuine in your anti-racist call.

Sincerely Yours

Gilad Atzmon

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